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2 Nov 2018

The polls aren’t looking good for Matthew Guy’s Liberals in Victoria.


24 Aug 2018

Scott Morrison has proved himself adept at manipulating party-room sentiment, but his efforts so far at wooing the electorate have not been spectacularly successful, writes Peter Brent.


23 Aug 2018

Malcolm Turnbull’s first stint as Liberal leader wounded him, with ultimately fatal results. Another change of leader is likely to do the same to this government.


22 Aug 2018

The crushing contemporary verdict on Turnbull is that he has no core set of beliefs from which to dissemble: just an emptiness that only the prestige of the prime ministership can fulfil.


15 Aug 2018

Modern-day Australia imposes certain realities on political parties. The most important one is that the important public policy issues of the day go beyond old-fashioned left/right characterisations.


19 Jul 2018

Tony Abbott is an unwelcome presence — for the government at least — amid the tangle of by-elections on 28 July, writes Peter Brent.


15 Feb 2018

A looming court case is further evidence of a deep divide within a once-powerful election-winning machine, writes James Murphy.



3 May 2017

One of the most vexed questions about the last election, at least among conservatives, is whether Tony Abbott could have won if he had remained prime minister.

And the answer? No, he couldn’t have. At least, not if you accept newly released findings from...



3 Sep 2016

A Victorian ReachTEL poll, conducted Thursday night from a sample of 1650, gives Labor a 51-49 two party lead, a one point gain for the Coalition since the November 2014 election. Primary votes appear to be 40.1% for the Coalition, 34.6% for Labor and 10.7%...


30 Aug 2016

The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Operation Spicer investigation has exposed prohibited donations, fund channelling and non-disclosures in the NSW Liberal Party’s 2011 state election campaign.

The Commission’s report, Investigation into NSW Liberal Party electoral funding for the 2011 state election campaign and...

Discussion paper

29 Jul 2016

In September 2015, Malcolm Turnbull was elected leader of the Parliamentary Liberal Party, thereby becoming Australia’s twenty-ninth Prime Minister. In his first press conference as Prime Minister, Mr Turnbull pledged that ‘this will be a thoroughly Liberal Government. It will be a thoroughly Liberal Government...


27 Nov 2009

This could be the end of the Liberal Party as we know it, argues Geoffrey Barker in Inside Story

WITH THE CRISIS that has unhinged the Liberal Party and doomed Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership we may be witnessing the end of the Menzies era in...



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