Global warming

8 November 2016

This World Meteorological Organization (WMO) report describes the evolution of the climate system during the period 2011–2015.

Audio interview
11 April 2016

The Grattan Institute's Tony Wood says a credible 'convergence' can be built around the Coalition's 'baseline safeguards' mechanism due to start on July 1, and Labor's proposed revamped emissions...

10 April 2016

After a decade of toxic political debates and a policy bonfire, there is an opportunity to forge a stable and compelling policy on climate change that could be supported by both sides of politics...

Book review
4 March 2016

Climate change is known as a ‘wicked’ problem but this characterisation does not encompass the political-economic features that are hampering the policy response.

31 December 2015

Summarises Australia’s progress towards meeting its commitments under the United National Framework Convention on Climate Change.

1 December 2015

NZ Prime Minister John Key's high profile announcement of a new emissions-reduction target on the first day of the COP21 in Paris failed to clarify that this is in fact a weaker target than the...

Working paper
25 November 2015

New Zealand households are emitting 4.6 per cent less greenhouse gas than they used to, but due to population increases, the amount of greenhouse gas entering the atmosphere from households is...

Briefing paper
20 November 2015

Prepared prior to the Paris Climate Summit this brief outlines three broad possible outcome scenarios for Paris – ‘Catalyst’, ‘Momentum’ and ‘Patchwork’, and explores key issues and scenarios for...

1 October 2015

Millions of poor people face hunger and poverty this year and next because of droughts and erratic rains as global temperatures reach new records, and because of the onset of a powerful El Niño...

10 August 2015

The 2015 annual Climate of the Nation report reveals an increasing awareness and concern about the impacts of climate change and the country’s future energy mix amid the intensifying political...