Housing affordability

Research report

13 Dec 2017

Housing affordability has far-reaching impacts on Australia’s economy and the wellbeing of the population. The dramatic increase in house prices experienced in Australia in recent years has not been accompanied by a similar level of wage growth. Consequently, home purchase and renting, particularly in capital...


6 Dec 2017

Last week’s National Housing Conference kicked off in Sydney with a keynote presentation about Canada’s new housing strategy. Audible expressions of envy could be heard among the 1000-plus delegates when they were told that prime minister Justin Trudeau had launched the strategy (on national housing...


24 Nov 2017

This report is part of an AHURI Inquiry into social impact investment for housing and homelessness outcomes and addresses the question: What are the actual, potential and perceived opportunities and risks of social impact investment (SII) for housing and homelessness policy in Australia? It examines...


22 Nov 2017

New Zealand residential property inflation reached 10.46% last year. Prices rose by 34% over the past three years.

As a consequence, New Zealanders are increasingly concerned that people on low and medium incomes are being locked out of the property market. Home ownership in...

Working paper

20 Nov 2017

In this paper we develop a comprehensive measure of the gap between housing supply and demand at a regional level in Australia. We take into account a range of complicating factors such as changing demographics, building types and the increase in unoccopied dwellings at the...


19 Oct 2017

This is the first edited book in Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre’s rich collection of publications, targeted at informing issues of economic and social policy importance within Western Australia. This book brings together a wealth of data, analysis and commentary on the state of Perth’s infill...


5 Oct 2017

In this report, the capacity and capability of our members and the sector are displayed. We showcase the capacity and diverse experience of a wide variety of staff members, from rising stars to CEOs across the country. Over the past 15 years, the Australian Community...

Policy report

26 Sep 2017

Housing affordability is defined and measured in a variety of ways. For ASBEC, affordability means enabling people to make a housing choice that suits their needs within their available budget – regardless of whether it involves renting, ownership or having options as they age....


18 Sep 2017

London’s housing market is increasingly unaffordable for those on low to middle incomes. While it has always been more expensive to rent or buy in the capital, the scale of the unaffordability of housing has never been greater. As a result, today’s Londoners or would-be...


18 Sep 2017

The City of Sydney (CoS), relative to other local governments, has made some progress in the area of affordable housing. However, the affordable housing it has helped provide in the LGA remains well short of the desired target.

This paper investigates the strategies used...

Video program

12 Sep 2017

This New Zealand documentary from Bryan Bruce investigates the reasons house prices have soared while the home ownership rate is falling. The result is there are people sleeping in cars and "rental refugees" in Whangarei.

In considering causes, Bruce reflects "My dad was a...

Policy report

29 Jun 2017

The Mayor’s Housing Taskforce, an independent, cross sectoral group, was set up in October 2016 by the Wellington Mayor and Deputy Mayor to ensure critical experience and expertise was utilised to address one of the key strategic issues facing the city.

The Housing Taskforce...

Audio podcast

13 Jun 2017

A conversation with Australian Perspectives Fellow Brendan Coates and Associate Trent Wiltshire. Sydney is ground zero for Australia’s booming housing market. And NSW is the latest government to released a plan to tackle growing public anxiety over housing affordability. But will the plan make a...


9 Jun 2017

The Queensland Housing Strategy 2017-2027 is the state government's 10-year framework, driving key reforms and targeted investment across the housing continuum.

It redefines how the Queensland Government will deliver housing to support urban renewal, generate new jobs, provide affordable housing and drive innovative housing...


5 Jun 2017

This report provides insight into how different stakeholders see the affordable housing system in Australia. The research was undertaken by the Australian Futures Project and was commissioned by the National Australia Bank as part of their commitment to working with stakeholders to explore solutions...

Policy report

22 May 2017

After the Premier’s invitation and following a meeting with her, I agreed to:

Engage with the relevant officials to understand and evaluate their work and housing affordability policy proposals, as an independent and outside ‘additional pair of eyes’. Give the Premier my assessment of...


18 May 2017

Research Summary:

This study investigated the key drivers of Australian housing supply responsiveness; including price, topographical constraints, climate, existing land uses and planning regulations; and considered policy development options to improve the scale and speed of new housing supply responses. The key drivers of...

Discussion paper

3 May 2017

As a regional community, Tasmanians have historically enjoyed higher rates of home ownership than their mainland counterparts. However, as wages continue to stagnate, housing prices start to increase, and the state attracts more investment, the number of Tasmanians owning and occupying their own homes is...

Research report

27 Apr 2017

About 400,000 Australian households live in social housing, which covers public housing, community housing, Indigenous community housing, and Indigenous housing provided by governments.

The sector has many issues, including:

• In public housing, many dwellings fail adequacy standards, and numerous tenants are dissatisfied...

Research report

27 Apr 2017

The findings of the 2017 Rental Affordability Snapshot show that for people on low incomes housing options in the private rental market are extremely limited, and that the chances of finding a place that could be called home are even worse. Combined with the lack...