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Briefing paper

16 Aug 2018

In Australia, there is an increasing understanding of the potential opportunities promised by digital agriculture and its importance to the future of Australia’s food and fibre industries.


15 Dec 2017

Slavery is one of the most appalling crimes in human history. Regrettably, the term ‘modern slavery’ reminds us that slavery and slavery-like practices are still prevalent around the world today, including here in Australia.

Modern slavery is often ‘hidden in plain sight’. These heinous...


19 Apr 2017

The existence of labour and human rights abuses in medical goods supply chains has implications for Australian healthcare companies and public procurement, as the health and well-being of Australians should not come at the cost of the abuse and exploitation of workers in low-wage countries....


13 Sep 2016

This paper reflects on legislative measures that address human rights issues in global supply chains and argues that the Australian government and companies should learn from measures taken in other jurisdictions in the face of urgent human rights abuses.

Journal article

25 Oct 2014

Growing interest in sustainability and corporate supply chains accompanies increased globalisation across developed and developing countries, a stronger focus on the logistics of procurement behind international trade, and information flows between parties about corporate economic, social and environmental performance. Accounting provides information to oil the...


1 Dec 2013

The commercial real estate and property sector is a vital part of the Australian economy. Compared to global peers, property companies in Australia and New Zealand are considered to be at the front of the pack in terms of acknowledging, measuring and managing Environment, Social...



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