Aged care services


13 Sep 2018

This blueprint for the aged care sector to rapidly grow Australia’s professional aged care workforce – estimated to require almost one million workers by 2050 – has been developed by an industry-led expert taskforce.

Discussion paper

5 Sep 2018

This consultation paper outlines the basis for developing a single Charter of Aged Care Rights and how the draft charter has been developed to date. As noted in the paper, the draft charter is aimed at stimulating feedback from this consultation.

Briefing paper

9 Aug 2018

This briefing paper synthesises government and non-government policy and research documents that have examined the impact of recent home care reforms on older people and their carers, the aged care workforce and providers, and the wider health system. Recommendations are made to fill identified gaps...


Recognising and supporting Victoria’s carers
26 Jul 2018

This strategy aims to provide a framework for the many undertakings and investments the Victorian government has already made to support carers, as well as future work to address the things that matter most to carers.

Discussion paper

13 Jul 2018

This discussion paper seeks the public's views on how future reform can best support older Australians to remain living at home and in their communities. Public feedback will be used to inform government decisions on an integrated care at home program.


Proposals for transparency on government spending
2 May 2018

The chronic staffing crisis in Australia’s aged care system has led to dangerous workloads for nurses and carers resulting, too often, in missed care for vulnerable nursing home residents. This report finds that the big, 'for-profit' providers, clearly have the financial capacity to improve staffing...


13 Feb 2018

This interim report is focused on the abject failures of the systems designed to provide oversight of care standards at Oakden. The committee's broader concerns regarding aged care quality frameworks, which the committee considers require review and consideration, are also outlined in this interim report....

Policy report

5 Feb 2018

With the state election just around the corner, COTA SA has launched its 2018 state election platform, detailing the problem areas and proposed solutions surrounding ageing in South Australia.


28 Nov 2017

The interaction of personal care workers with residents is the focus of this short report from research about regulation and dementia care.

Research report

25 Jul 2017

Profiling 1,465 registered charities which reported that their main activity in 2015 was aged care.

Research report

19 Apr 2017

This is the final report of a project undertaken by the Australian Health Services Research Institute (AHSRI), and commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Health (DoH), to develop options and recommendations for future funding models to be adopted for the residential aged care in...

Research report

14 Apr 2005

This Productivity Commission research report examines the productivity, labour supply and fiscal implications of likely demographic trends over the next forty years, to further improve understanding of the challenges and opportunities resulting from an ageing Australia.

Released with the report were eleven technical papers...

Research report

18 Feb 2004

This report presents the results of a comprehensive national data collection of Extended Aged Care at Home (EACH) providers and care recipients. This program, established in 2001, enables frail-aged people to remain in their homes through the support of coordinated packages of high level care....

Research report

15 Apr 2003

This e-brief aims to give an overview of the array of services and support provided to the elderly in Australia. Given the number and breadth of the various programs that are available to the aged and, given the fact that all three levels of government...

Research report

26 Mar 2003

Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics surveys of 1981, 1988, 1993 and 1998 this paper presents estimates of health expectancies of the states Disability-free and Disabled for females and males aged 60 and over by cohort from 1980 and current for the survey years. Findings...

Research report

17 Dec 2002

In this report from a joint research project of the Brotherhood of St Laurence and the Victorian Association of Health and Extended Care, Philippa Angley and Belinda Newman explore the challenge of recruiting staff to meet the needs of increasing numbers of frail older people...


The National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre's Atlas of Productive Ageing is an online tool that provides easy access to statistical information on older Australians in small regional areas.

The Atlas reflects data from the 2011 Population Census, and is presented in maps with a...



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