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22 Jun 2018

BETA partnered with the Department of Social Services (DSS) to develop and tests ways to encourage greater survey completion rates. DSS conducts a survey seeking client feedback on the outcomes they have experienced as a result of services delivered by grant funded organisations.

Policy report

1 Feb 2018

The child care, education and training (CCET) sector services aim to care for and develop the capacities and talents of children and students, to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge, understanding, skills and values for a productive and rewarding life.

Policy report

25 Jan 2018

The justice sector services aim to contribute to a safe and secure community and promote a law abiding way of life.

Policy report

25 Jan 2018

Emergency management services aim to reduce the risks of and the adverse effects from emergency events on individuals, communities and the environment1. An emergency event is one that endangers or threatens to endanger life, property and/or the environment, and requires a significant and coordinated response,...

Journal article

15 Jun 2017

This article outlines an evidence review, looking at barriers and drivers to the adoption and implementation of government one-stop-shops.

Discussion paper

10 Mar 2017

Competitive neutrality requires that government business activities should not enjoy any net competitive advantages simply by virtue of public sector ownership. This ensures market competition drives efficient production by the lowest cost business.

Commonwealth, state and territory governments committed to implement competitive neutrality regimes...

Policy report

23 Jan 2017

The annual Report on Government Services (RoGS) provides information on the equity, effectiveness and efficiency of government services in Australia.

Policy report

23 Jan 2017

Community services provide support to sustain and nurture the functioning of individuals, families and groups, to maximise their potential and to enhance community wellbeing.


23 Jan 2017

The main aim of housing and homelessness sector services is to ensure that all Australians have access to affordable, safe and sustainable housing — a vital determinant of wellbeing that is associated with better outcomes in health, education and employment, as well as economic and...


30 Nov 2016

Governments around the world invest considerable resources in enhancing the capabilities of their civil service administrations with the intention of improving the quality and e ectiveness of public administration. While most developed and many developing nations have established professional bureaucracies that are, in Weberian terms,...

Working paper

31 May 2016

A major thrust of policy and practice within human services in recent years has been the implementation of evidence-based practices. However, despite the wide-spread use of such evidence-based programs and strategies, we are not always getting the kind of results we would expect when we...


23 Mar 2016

Assesses whether councils effectively identify community needs for recreational facilities and services and whether council planning decisions for aquatic recreation centres are soundly based.

Summary This audit assessed whether councils effectively identify community needs for recreational facilities and services, whether council planning decisions...

Literature review

23 Sep 2015

Executive Summary

The Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC), UNSW Australia, conducted a literature review on current models of health service delivery for people with intellectual disability. The review was commissioned by the New South Wales Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) Intellectual Disability Health...


30 Apr 2015

Overview: Place-based initiatives are programs designed and delivered with the intention of targeting a specific geographical location and particular population group in order to respond to complex social problems. Typically, they focus on areas and communities with entrenched disadvantage or deprivation.

This report...

Journal article

15 Sep 2014

Experience with pooling service delivery among Pacific Island countries has not met the optimistic expectations of advocates, finds this study.

Briefing paper

23 Jun 2014

Executive summary

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is not a health scheme. The NDIS funds disability support and a range of related services designed to maximise the independence of a person with a disability. Health care is a specific exclusion. The NDIS...


21 Jun 2014

This resource aims to assist councils assess the services they provide for local communities.

Service Delivery Review: A How to Manual for Local Government brings together advice, toolkits and templates to help councils regardless of size with this critical task.

The centrepiece...

Discussion paper

12 Jun 2014

The University of Melbourne in partnership with the Brotherhood of St Laurence is developing a research program that aims to critically examine ‘ prime ’ or ‘ lead ’ provider models of public service delivery. This discussion paper forms part of the initial exploration and...

Discussion paper

2 Apr 2014

This is a critical assessment of political governance and service delivery at the subnational level. It examines the strengths and weaknesses of a particular province in order to make some broad statements about politics and governance in Papua New Guinea. With insights gained from rural...


1 Nov 2013

This paper provides an overview of how the innovative use of technology can add value to service delivery in organisations working with families, children and young people.

Key messages:

Most Australians have access to the Internet and use mobile devices to connect...



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