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Discussion paper

10 Dec 2018

Australia is often referred to as the ‘most successful multicultural country on earth.' But what does this really mean? How is this success measured? This report provides some answers.

Policy report

5 Dec 2018

This policy paper continues the discussion started in Australian attitudes to immigration: coming apart or common ground? It finds that, statistically, the wealth of the suburb we live in can have a major impact on the type of interaction we may have with migrants.


29 Aug 2018

How will Scott Morrison respond to pressure from the Coalition’s right to cut immigration?


8 Feb 2018

Despite its long history of immigration, the United States has oscillated between perceiving immigration as a valuable resource and as a major challenge. The 2016 election and significant actions on immigration taken by the Trump administration have further raised the issue in political and public...


4 Dec 2017

The US Supreme Court has allowed President Donald Trump's revised travel ban to go into full effect - even as legal challenges continue in lower courts.

Briefing paper

NZIER Insight 76/2017
8 Nov 2017

This paper examines the new New Zealand government’s proposals for immigration.


19 Oct 2017

A research by Social Change Initiative and Purpose Europe analyzing inclinations and worries about immigration in different sectors of public opinion in Germany.


Afghanistan's current situation, drivers of migration and returnees experience
10 Jul 2017

Afghanistan is currently experiencing widespread conflict, intensifying violence, political instability, human rights abuses, lack of rule of law and good governance, economic hardships, and a serious refugee crisis. This report concludes that it would be impossible for Australian, European and other governments to guarantee the...

Journal article

8 May 2017

This article examines how policy changes could improve outcomes for Kiribati migrants to New Zealand.


4 Apr 2017

The free association arrangement between New Zealand and the Cook Islands is a pivotal force behind the movement of Cook Islanders between the two countries. Part of the Cooks’ way of life is understanding and leveraging the different opportunities that exist across the Cook Islands,...

Journal article

1 Apr 2017

In the context of crime, victimization, and immigration in the United States, research shows that people are afraid of immigrants because they think immigrants are a threat to their safety and engage in many violent and property crimes.

Journal article

1 Mar 2017

The British preference of Australian immigration policy was challenged by the demands of a rapidly expanding post-war programme overseen by the newly established Department of Immigration. An essential function of the department was the screening of prospective migrants against criteria shaped by national population policy...

Journal article

10 Feb 2017

Migration continues to be pictured in public debates as a failure to adapt to changes, while policymakers explore adaptation measures as a means to reduce migration pressures, and scholars have contended that migration processes exist within a larger framework of strategies for adapting to damaging...


9 Dec 2016

Temporary migrants play an important role in Australia’s workforce and student population. Little is known, however, about the migration mechanisms temporary migrants use and the associated risks these may involve.

This paper examines the role of migration brokers in alleged and finalised cases of...


29 Aug 2016

This book arose from an inaugural conference on Migration Law and Policy at the ANU College of Law. The conference brought together academics and practitioners from a diverse range of disciplines and practice. The book is based on a selection of the papers and presentations...


29 Jun 2016

Immigration almost ceased during the war, but parliamentarians debated about how to increase population without changing the White Australia policy or compromising working pay and conditions.

The group of immigrants deemed ‘undesirable’ expanded to include people of enemy origin, southern and eastern Europeans, and...


20 Mar 2013

The policy of mandatory detention in Australia (that is the legal requirement to detain all non-citizens without a valid visa) was introduced by the Keating (Labor) Government in 1992 in response to a wave of Indochinese boat arrivals.

Under this policy it is a...


7 Sep 2011

Giving young people the opportunity to share their views and experiences of detention and the youth justice system, this survey considers matters that affect their safety and wellbeing.

The Commission’s latest survey shows that young people in Queensland’s youth detention centres are positive about...


8 Jul 2011

This guide presents humane and cost effective mechanisms to prevent the unnecessary and damaging detention of refugees and aims to ensure that detention is only ever used as a last resort. Governments around the world are increasingly using detention as a migration management tool, with...

6 Feb 2010

We need to stop rejecting human difference at the border, writes Alecia Simmonds in the National Times

IN 1914 a group of prominent eugenicists in America declared: ''The feeble-minded person is not desirable, he is a social encumbrance, a financial burden. In short, it...



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