Child protection

19 April 2017

This practitioner resource provides practical guidance for involving children in child-safe organisations, based on what children and young people have said themselves.

Journal article
15 April 2017

Although prevalence studies show girls are more frequently sexually abused than boys, a significant proportion of boys also experience child sexual abuse (CSA). We conducted a 20 year longitudinal...

Research report
10 April 2017

This report assesses the efficacy of oversight bodies in protecting children from sexual abuse, focusing on institutional contexts. To fulfil the aims of the study as stated by the Royal...

31 March 2017

The Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory delivered this interim report to the Commonwealth and Northern Territory Governments on 31 March 2017...

16 March 2017

During 2015 - 16, 162,175 (30.2 per 1,000) Australian children received child protection services (investigation, care and protection order and/or were in out-of-home care), and children from...

Briefing paper
1 March 2017

This issue of the Research to Practice Series explores what works to help people make the choice to become a foster carers, and the strategies that can assist in supporting and retaining...

Journal article
23 February 2017

The aim of this study was twofold: first, to explore the experiences and opinions of key stakeholders regarding the intervention programme; and second, to understand the key enablers and barriers...

Journal article
1 January 2017

This review found that there is reasonable evidence to support the idea that Multi-Disciplinary teams are effective in improving criminal justice and mental health responses compared to standard...

20 December 2016

This set of ANROWS’s Perpetrator Interventions Research Priorities 2017-19 comprises eleven projects with a total value of almost $1.8 million. It offers an innovative and comprehensive program of...