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Journal article
28 December 2015

This article argues that a ‘history spiral’ has taken hold in Northeast Asia as a result of the region’s changing strategic order and domestic politics in China, Japan and South Korea.

Journal article
16 November 2015

Partnership diplomacy seeks to forge a global network of partnership countries for China.

Journal article
16 November 2015

Argues that the global context is a major, but often overlooked, shaper of Australia’s approach to order in the South Pacific.

Journal article
9 September 2015

This article discusses hydropower dams and social sustainability in relation to Chinese overseas hydropower dams in Ghana (Bui Dam) and Cambodia (Kamchay Dam).

Journal article
9 September 2015

This article discusses the poor performance of women candidates in Solomon Islands elections and potential aid policy responses.

Journal article
9 September 2015

This article demonstrates that focusing on known and quantifiable risks can increase the vulnerability of eradication programs to known but non-quantified risks.

Video lecture/presentation
12 March 2015

A lecture by Dr Mari Elka Pangestu on the role of the arts and culture in the development of Indonesia.

28 January 2015

The realities of policy influence are more complex than they may appear from the outside, but the rewards make it worthwhile.

22 January 2015

Is New Zealand’s Partnership School Kura Hourua scheme really a policy ‘shambles’?

Briefing paper
10 December 2014

Papua New Guinea (PNG) must adjust to lower liquefied natural gas (LNG) and oil prices to avoid a crisis. The PNG LNG project is still extremely important for the country, but because of lower...

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Working paper
23 June 2016

This paper uses the Global Trade Analysis Project Static model to predict the potential impact of economic growth in China on bilateral trade between China and Australia in 2025.

Blog post
9 November 2015

A short examination of the 99-Year lease on Darwin Port sold to Chinese company Landbridge.

Discussion paper
1 June 2015

This paper examines data from a household survey undertaken in Papua New Guinea which found that when respondents were better educated and believed corruption would be addressed by the government...

19 September 2013

This report explores the role of citizens' committees in Australian local government decision-making processes and will be a useful resource for councils looking to enhance the effectiveness of...

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