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15 Nov 2018

At a time when all jobs, whether in a coffee shop or a bank, can seemingly be described as creative, you’d be forgiven for thinking the word had lost all meaning in the labour market. However, this first piece of research from the Creative Industries...

Working paper

19 Oct 2018

There is growing interest in quantifying the economic contribution of cultural and creative industries both in Australia and internationally. Measurement of this activity can inform policy makers about how such industries contribute to economic outcomes relative to other industries.


5 Mar 2018

The Regional Arts Fund (RAF) is a devolved Australian Government program that supports sustainable cultural development in regional and remote Australia. This report describes the impact the fund has had on regional artists, arts organisations and communities between 2012-2016.

Discussion paper

1 Jun 2017

The second CAMEo Cuts examines questions around diversity within the UK’s publishing industry. With a specific focus on BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) participation as publishers, authors, readers, or featuring within books, Claire Squires comments on how UK publishing presents a ‘diversity deficit’. This...


1 Jun 2017

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic artists still have low visibility in arts and culture.

For instance, the Creative Skillset 2012 Census notes that the “representation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people declined from 7.4% of the total workforce in 2006 to 6.7% in...


How to find one, be one and make a difference
1 Jun 2017

BAME role models and leaders are important for increasing workforce diversity. Seeing BAME artists in the spotlight builds ambition in young people and motivates individuals to step into a career in the arts. Listening to BAME leaders in positions of power inspires confidence in the...


26 Sep 2016

Fifty years ago, the average worker expected to stay with one employer for the duration of their career, and that employer provided a full suite of benefits that guaranteed economic security to the worker and their family. Today traditional full-time employment is no longer the...


1 Dec 2015

Analysts and policymakers have long complained of the dearth of internationally comparable statistics on the creative industries because it has made it impossible to benchmark the performance of different countries. In January 2014, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) adopted the Dynamic Mapping...

Working paper

1 Oct 2015

Recent organisational and technological changes à la Uber have generated a new labour- market fringe: a digital class of workers and contractors. In this paper we study the case of CoContest, a crowdsourcing platform for interior design. Our objective is to investigate the profitability of...

Briefing paper

9 Apr 2015

Growing youth employment: why is entrepreneurship an attractive strategy? Today, the job market in Australia is relatively buoyant – but not for young people. Australia is facing some of the highest youth unemployment and underemployment rates in recent times, particularly in regional centres. Structural changes...


30 May 2013

There is worldwide interest in artist residencies, and many government agencies are involved in supporting residency programs and/or the artists that take part in them. This publication reports on survey responses from the arts councils and ministries of culture from 18 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium,...


19 Aug 2010

What does the Australian census tell us about how artists earn their living?

Comparatively speaking, today we live in a statistical paradise, with local and global data on just about any aspect of the production, distribution and consumption of culture. The data capture, mining...


4 Jun 2010

Seemingly a paradox exists in the arts: creativity and novelty lie at the heart of all artistic endeavour, yet funders call on arts and cultural organisations to be more innovative.

Understanding this paradox is one of the reasons why NESTA embarked on the research...


10 Aug 2009

The degree of independence that governments afford arts support is a universal concern. Debate has often centred on the choice between arts council or ministry, but such a dichotomy enormously oversimplifies the issues, particularly as so many countries have a mixture of the two institutional...


24 Jun 2009

Unlike much of the work in the field that concentrates on organization career development and knowledge management, this paper takes an industry sector perspective.

The creative industries are recognised as playing a crucial role for our post-industrial economic well being. Dance plays a central...


18 May 2009

This report examines how participation requirements for parents and mature age job seekers receiving income support payments could be adjusted to better take account of their family and community responsibilities.

The Taskforce looked at ways to increase workforce participation, particularly for parents with...


7 Oct 2008

Executive summary

Creative skills are widely distributed across economies, but their contributions to economic performance and social outcomes and their role in enabling nations and institutions to respond to competitive and other pressures are not well understood.

The British Government pioneered the...


15 Jun 2008

This guide is presented in a workshop format and steps users and participants through techniques for gathering information to assess the economic value, tourism impact and benefit of cultural tourism in a destination.


17 Feb 2008

This directory aims to support the Australian Indigenous arts and cultural industry and to make the exceptional depth and range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artwork more accessible.

The Indigenous Visual Arts and Craft Resource Directory 2006 is published by the Australian Government....


14 Jun 2007

The Australian Government recently announced a comprehensive package of measures to significantly boost support for the Australian film and television industry, following the completion of the Review of Australian Government Film Funding Support. A series of media releases and fact sheets containing details of the...



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