criminal justice

Briefing paper

1 May 2018

This paper examines the experience of Indigenous Australians in relation to the resolution of legal problems in comparison with non-Indigenous people. Using the Legal AustraliaWide (LAW) Survey national dataset, the findings show that Indigenous respondents were significantly more likely than others to have unresolved crime...

Discussion paper

17 May 2017

This issues paper considers a new approach to the problem of repeat drink driving through the introduction of a specialist, problem-solving court.

Audio interview


24 Aug 2016

When Queensland's Chief Justice, Tim Carmody, resigned last year he brought to an end months of spectacularly vicious infighting within Queensland's legal and political circles.

His appointment sparked allegations from high profile legal figures about political influence on the court, it dominated the news...


31 Jul 2015

This report presents data relating to all non-expiable offences and incidents recorded by police in South Australia over the time period 2011 to 2014. The report includes information on the number and rate of offences recorded by policy in 2014. It also provides a breakdown...


31 Jul 2015

This report provides an analysis of apprehensions reports filed for offences committed in South Australia. The data presented in the profile relate to apprehension reports filed for offences committed, irrespective of where the offence was reported to the police.


31 Jul 2015

This report provides an analysis of crime statistics for offences under the South Australian Graffiti Control Act 2001 for the period 2010-11 to 2013-14. These statistics include offences recorded by police, charges on police apprehension reports, and court outcomes and penalties for offences prosecuted under...


3 Mar 2015

Two thirds of all crime in England and Wales is property crime, yet victims have little faith in the ability of the criminal justice system to address it. Only one in every ten shoplifting incidents is reported to police, and half of burglary victims never...

Fact sheet

6 Feb 2012

This snapshot describes the penalties imposed on adult offenders convicted of motor vehicle theft.

Over the period 2009 to 2010 a total of 1018 offenders were convicted of motor vehicle theft in NSW Local and District Courts. Imprisonment was the most commonly imposed penalty,...


12 Dec 2011

In the 24 months to September 2011, crimes such as assault and motor theft were tending downwards in New South Wales.

The offences trending downwards were:

Assault – non-domestic violence related (down 5.8%) Robbery without a weapon (down 17.9%) Break and enter dwelling...


6 Apr 2011

Describes how Local Government Area crime hotspot maps are produced and how they should be interpreted.

The distribution of crime across a region is not random. A number of factors influence where crime occurs, including the physical and social characteristics of the place and...


16 Aug 2010

The NSW Compulsory Drug Treatment Program (CDTP) has had a positive effect on the physical and mental health of offenders who enter it, according to this report.

The CDTP began in August 2006 and operates as a five-stage post-sentencing program. Drug treatment and rehabilitation...


24 Jul 2010

This study examines the relationship between various statutory presumptions surrounding bail and the risk of bail refusal.

Method: A total 37,165 cases where defendants were either granted or refused bail by a Local Court were analysed to determine what impact the presumptions surrounding...



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