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Briefing paper
29 March 2017

Australia should strengthen its engagement with the United Nations to ensure it has a greater voice on global issues that matter to its national interests, writes Peter Nadin.

Working paper
27 March 2017

This working paper reviews the current policy of removing failed asylum seekers in Australia and draws lessons from similar policy areas and reforms in the United Kingdom and Canada.

22 March 2017

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is one of President Xi’s most ambitious foreign and economic initiatives. It reflects a combination of economic and strategic drivers, not all of which can be...

14 February 2017

The pace of change in Asia and new and more flexible sources of finance mean that the Asian Development Bank needs to continue to demonstrate its relevance to donors and borrowers.

19 December 2016

Australia and New Zealand are developing maritime capabilities to uphold the rules-based system. Regional uncertainty will intensify their defence cooperation, but trans-Tasman differences in...

13 December 2016

The long-term development prospects for the Pacific are bleak, yet it is an integral region for Australia’s strategic and development interests. One proposal that has the potential for...

2 December 2016

While Indonesia under Jokowi can be expected to continue to take unilateral action to reinforce the Indonesian position around the Natuna Islands, Jokowi has not played an active diplomatic role...

23 November 2016

This Lowy Institute analysis finds that Australia is an exception to unfavourable trends said to be evident in other advanced economies.

15 November 2016

Reviews recent trends in human trafficking in Southeast Asia and the status of the anti-trafficking regime in ASEAN member states.

Other text
26 October 2016

A speech by Justice Minister the Hon Michael Keenan MP on how the terrorist threat to Australia has changed in recent times.