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23 Aug 2018

This audit is a global first that explains what "diverse thinking" really means for governance, how to increase diverse thinking , the predictors of diverse thinking beyond gender and ethnicity, and how to create a diverse thinking boardroom culture and governance practice.

Research report

11 Apr 2018

This study builds on the Leading for Change (2016) report, which provided a snapshot of cultural diversity in the senior leadership of Australian organisations and institutions. This report examines the cultural backgrounds of chief executive officers of ASX 200 companies, federal ministers, heads of federal...

Research report

28 Jun 2017

Measures Australian engagement with the arts in 2016, confirming both its personal and social value.



20 Mar 2017

In Australia, most common strategies for countering “us and them” sentiments consist of public statements defending “multiculturalism” and immigration. But these strategies reinforce the conflation of multicultural policy and cultural diversity. This leaves little room to challenge the assumptions of multiculturalism without being seen as...


27 Feb 2017

This project measured the extent and variation of racist attitudes and experiences in Australia. It examines Australians attitudes to cultural diversity, discomfort/intolerance of specific groups, ideology of nation, perceptions of Anglo-Celtic cultural privilege, and belief in racialism, racial separatism and racial hierarchy. The project also...


3 Nov 2016

Building Belonging is a comprehensive toolkit of early education resources that can be used to address racial prejudice and discrimination in early childhood settings. The resource includes an ebook, song with actions, educator guide, posters and lesson plans.

Research report

24 Aug 2016

Screen Australia has released the most significant study of diversity on Australian screens since television began in 1956, entitled Seeing Ourselves: Reflections on Diversity in TV Drama . The study analysed all 199 dramas (fiction excluding animation) that aired between 2011 and 2015 inclusive, finding...

Research report

18 Jul 2016

Australia’s multiculturalism is self-evident. About 28% of our population was born overseas, with another 20% having an overseas-born parent. According to one estimate, 32% of the Australian population have a non-Anglo-Celtic background. However, such cultural diversity is not proportionately represented within the senior leadership of...

Research report

21 Mar 2016

This case study has explored how Muslim and non-Muslim students, school leadership, counsellors, teachers and parents reflect on, interpret and manage the experience of engagement and exchange in the context of a Catholic girls' high school (Years 8 to 12) in South Australia.


Briefing paper

17 Dec 2015

A group of HR managers from a range of local government councils including inner urban and outer growth areas, met for a roundtable discussion on increasing cultural diversity in the workforce. ECCV conducted the roundtable hosted by the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) in November...


11 Dec 2015

FECCA is pleased to announce the release of a special edition of Australian Mosaic. Issue 42, is a snapshot of the FECCA 2015 National Biennial Conference: Building a better future for all Australians , held in partnership with Ethnic Communities Council of NSW (ECC NSW)....

Research report

2 Jul 2015

Over the past years, we have become used to Europe's debt crisis. However, the fiscal problems of countries such as Greece are only the tip of the iceberg. Europe's crisis has much deeper roots. In this essay, Dr Oliver Hartwich presents a sketch of Europe's...


24 Jun 2015

This new online resource from the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) provides local government with a practical approach to develop strong, socially cohesive communities.

Developed for the Australian Human Rights Commission under the National...

Research report

26 Apr 2015

The Asia Pacific Centre for Work Health and Safety and the Research Centre for Languages and Cultures at the University of South Australia in conjunction with Helping Hand are pleased to announce the launch of the report: Communicating work health and safety in the context...

Research report

6 Apr 2014

Summary: This paper presents cultural diversity data from the 2011 Census of Population and Housing for the 39 NSW State Electoral Districts (SEDs) located in regional NSW, as redistributed in 2013. Data from the 2006 Census is also included for several census indicators. A...

Research report

15 Jan 2014

This report builds on and complements the already rather extensive literature on the potential of cultural and creative sectors in the European Union.

Conference paper

7 Dec 2011

This paper is about a speech that David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party, gave at the 47th Munich Security Conference in Germany in February 2011.

The Munich Conference is an annual event at which political leaders...


14 Sep 2011

This research investigates experiences of music teaching and learning within culturally diverse school communities and examines the ways cultural diversity informs pedagogical practices in music education. The following key questions were investigated: In what ways is music education, as experienced by the participants, informed by...


7 May 2010

This book steers schools towards a deeper understanding of the nature of their communities as a microcosm of Australian multicultural society.

It aims to develop an understanding of diversity both within the boundaries of the school, and beyond, in the broader community. This will...

Research report

1 May 2009

As a child and family health professional, opportunities may arise in your daily interaction with families to encourage and support the promotion of early literacy. This article will provide an update on current early literacy knowledge and address the challenges professionals encounter when introducing literacy...



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