culture and heritage

Journal article

24 Sep 2018

This article explores how cultural heritage institutions have ordered and regulated contact with their publics via a negotiation of different visual communication technologies.

Journal article

24 Nov 2017

In light of a number of significant recent cases, this article examines the role of the courts in the protection of Indigenous cultural heritage.


1 Nov 2017

Planning plays an important role in shaping our environment at night. Here you will find guidance on how to apply current London Plan policies to sustain and improve our rich culture and night-time economy.


29 Jul 2016

Launched by the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in December 2015, the Indigenous Investment Principles (the ‘Principles’) are a community guide to thinking about the purpose, governance and investment of financial resources to enhance and protect community interests, particularly culture and heritage. It is hoped, the...


1 Jun 2016

Sydney’s Chinatown is currently in transition. Asia-led globalisation in the past few decades has intensified flows of people, commodities and financial resources across the Asia-Pacific region, and this has brought significant challenges and opportunities to Chinatown. Given the major developments at the University of Technology...


31 Oct 2010

New Zealand has a unique responsibility to preserve and protect Māori culture and to make space for Maori to progress their culture in their own way. This report seeks to improve our understanding of the shared goals of Māori and the opportunities and challenges for...



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