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12 Feb 2018

The digital revolution is unstoppable and irreversible. The speed, scope and pervasiveness of digital technologies is profound. Like every other technologydriven change, it has benefits and challenges.

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29 Jun 2016

The Inquiry, launched in November 2015, has focused on the purposes of television in an era characterised by technological transformations, shifts in audience consumption habits, and changes in cultural and political attitudes. The report reflects on the extent to which the UK’s most popular television...

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19 May 2016

The sharing economy and on-demand services are weaving their way into the lives of (some) Americans, raising difficult issues around jobs, regulation and the potential emergence of a new digital divide.

The Pew Research Centre surveyed 4.787 American adults – its first-ever comprehensive study...

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14 Apr 2016

New research indicates hundreds of thousands of elderly people are dealing with crippling isolation that's a significant health risk. The report, 'Ageing is Everyone's Business,' by Gerard Mansour, Commissioner for Senior Victorians, says loneliness compares to obesity or smoking as a mortality risk.


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3 Nov 2015

This paper argues that Internet governance bodies give little consideration to children’s rights, despite growing calls from international child rights organizations to address their rights in the digital age. Typically, when children are acknowledged it is in the context of child protection while their rights...

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14 Jul 2015


Today digital technology is viewed as additive to the physical world: something that enhances but does not replace the use of physical infrastructure. However, this paper discusses the next wave of digital technology adoption that can potentially be substitutive for physical infrastructure....

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3 Sep 2014

In the digital age, one of the most complex challenges for media outlets is how to re-shape the editorial responsibilities of journalism itself. Which journalistic standards, many devised last century, still fit in this new age? And which standards form the basis of a new...

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30 May 2014

Australian municipal governments have lagged behind many of their international counterparts in local public broadband provision. However, by 2014 there are signs that the gap is closing, with significant new investment in public wi-fi by city governments across Australia. This article contextualises the current interest...


2 Jun 2009

This Information Economy Agenda 2009-2014 sets out a framework for delivering our digital future.

Today the global financial crisis, climate change and a world competing for talent and capital mean that we face a radically changing future. South Australia will not succeed if it...



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