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Research report

1 Sep 2018

The purpose of the practice review was to identify current good practice in peer support delivery and future capacity building needs for disability support organisations (DSOs).


Quality, safeguarding and oversight to prevent and address violence against people with disability in institutional settings
15 Jul 2018

This report paves the way for an important conversation that focuses on achieving a quality, safeguarding and oversight framework that successfully prevents and addresses violence against people with disability in institutional settings.


A practical guide for providers looking to be more effective and efficient in supporting customers
27 Jun 2018

This article unpacks what is meant by customer-centricity, and provides a guide and practical tips for disability service providers looking to take a customer-centric approach to transforming their operating model.

Policy report

20 Jun 2018

This position paper explains the rationale for recommending action on assistive technologies before the finalisation of the NDIS rollout.

Research report

19 Feb 2018

This report is part of a project being implemented by the UTS Institute for Public Policy and Governance and Local Government NSW to enable local governments and tourism operators in regional New South Wales to improve access to their infrastructure, services and products.


13 Feb 2018

This research addresses a knowledge gap about personal safety and abuse prevention by exploring the perspectives of young people with disability.


30 Aug 2017

The current status of the disability accommodation market is fragmented and underfunded. As a result, it is an inflexible market where consumers have limited choice in their housing options.


Local government disability inclusion resource
17 Aug 2017

The local government disability inclusion resource has been designed for use by all local governments around Australia.


5 Jun 2017

While the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is expected to largely replace the current provision of services to people with disability under the National Disability Agreement (NDA), many users of disability services were still receiving support under the NDA in 2015-16.

Research report

20 Jun 2016

Disability Support Services fund supports for approximately 32,000 people with disabilities, as well as equipment for approximately 80,000 people.

This publication presents aggregated demographic information about the people with disabilities who have been allocated Ministry of Health funded disability supports (excluding equipment). The report...

Research report

15 Jun 2016

This report examines the extent to which Queensland’s guardianship system upholds the right of people to make their own decisions. The report found that aspects of Queensland's guardianship legislation uphold and support a person's decision-making autonomy, but it also imposes limits to supported decision-making. It...

Research report

16 Feb 2016

The deaths of 73 people with disability who died in care in Queensland between 2009 and 2014 were reviewed. The review highlighted numerous risk factors and vulnerabilities, and identified key areas in the delivery of health and disability services that require reform. The report presents...

Research report

29 Jan 2016

This project used a social action research approach with two groups of Victorian children and young people with intellectual disability aged 9-22 and their parents. The groups conducted research and provided peer support about their experiences with self-directed disability support. The intentions were to build...


27 Feb 2015

The Australian Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Association (ARATA) responds to the NDIA’s AT Discussion Paper, and advocates that roles for all stakeholders must be considered.

Summary of ARATA's key recommendations arising from the Discussion Paper:

1. Evaluate outcomes from AT provision...

Discussion paper

15 Dec 2014


What is assistive technology?

The agreed World Health Organisation definition is "Assistive technology can be defined as “any piece of equipment, or product, whether it is acquired commercially, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional...

Research report

8 Feb 2006

This publication is based on an extract from Australia’s Welfare 2005, the institute’s comprehensive report on national information on welfare services. This publication is based on an extract from Australia’s Welfare 2005, the institute’s comprehensive report on national information on welfare services.



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