Drug treatment


Our drug laws are tearing apart our social fabric, as well as harming drug users and their families
2 Nov 2018

This report examines the health and social harms caused or worsened by current drug policies. It is the result of an unprecedented Australia21 collaboration between experts in drug law, drug treatment and community welfare.


6 Aug 2018

The recommendations in this report call on the NSW government to significantly increase drug and alcohol rehabilitation funding and services in regional, rural and remote areas. The report also recommends several measures for addressing drug and alcohol related crime throughout the state.


23 Jul 2018

These guidelines provide clinical guidance and policy direction for opioid treatment in New South Wales. They align with national directions and recommendations, and incorporate the latest clinical evidence.

Journal article

15 Jun 2018

This study reports the findings of a systematic review of the published literature evaluating the impact of substance use programs on Australian Indigenous youth.



31 Mar 2016

The purpose of this review is to provide an overview of the use of illicit drugs among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia. It provides general information on the context of illicit drug use in Australia and the factors of particular relevance to...


16 Aug 2010

The NSW Compulsory Drug Treatment Program (CDTP) has had a positive effect on the physical and mental health of offenders who enter it, according to this report.

The CDTP began in August 2006 and operates as a five-stage post-sentencing program. Drug treatment and rehabilitation...


16 Aug 2006

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Family and Community Affairs made 128 recommendations in its report, the Road to Recovery: Report on the Inquiry into Substance Abuse in Australian Communities. The report has informed government policy in many areas, including the development of the...



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