Early childhood intervention


7 Dec 2017

This report makes twenty recommendations which aim to strengthen the effectiveness of the NDIS to ensure that children can be appropriately supported to reach their full potential.


21 Sep 2016

Analysis of Australian longitudinal data, collected through the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children and the Australian Temperament Project, affirms that what happens early in a child’s life can continue to exert an effect throughout childhood. This creates a theoretical window of opportunity to improve a...


4 Sep 2014

This report presents a medium- to long-term evaluation of the Communities for Children (CfC) initiative.

Executive summary

This report presents the results of Phase 2 of the Stronger Families in Australia (SFIA) study, an evaluation of the Communities for Children (CfC) initiative....

Journal article

7 Jun 2014

A child’s positive sense of well-being is central to their overall growth and development. With an increasing number of mothers in the workforce, many infants and toddlers spend much time in child care services. Hence it is crucial that caregivers provide a secure base for...


19 Dec 2011

In June 2011, Senator the Hon Jan McLucas asked the Department to seek expert advice about evidence for early intervention in relation to the types of childhood disability and developmental delay that were ineligible for Better Start for Children with Disability (Better Start) assistance, including...


27 Apr 2009

This four year follow-up study assesses outcomes from post-separation family dispute resolution. It compares outcomes for two groups of separated parents who attended mediation over parenting disputes and engaged either in Child Focused mediation or in Child Inclusive mediation.

The Children Beyond Dispute study...


2 Jun 2008

This review of the literature is primarily a search for and synopsis of the research evidence that underpins the school readiness of Indigenous Australian children. This review is in four sections. First, definitions of school readiness are outlined and their applicability to the Indigenous population...



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