economic modelling


10 Jul 2018

Billions of taxpayer dollars are committed before all the evidence for, and against, infrastructure projects is in, and basic rules of economic modelling are broken.


10 Apr 2018

Governments are the main audience for economic modelling, largely because of their role in making investments on behalf of taxpayers. As such, the public service plays a key role in influencing the behaviour of economic modellers and consequently the quality of information modellers provide to...

Working paper

31 Jan 2015

This paper connects variance-covariance estimation methods, Gaussian graphical models, and the growing literature on economic and nancial networks. We construct the network using the concept of partial correlations which captures direct linear dependence between any two entities, conditional on dependence between all other entities. We...

Conference paper

4 Dec 2014

Several attempts have been proposed in the literature to relax the restrictive assumptions of a standalone input-output model. Particularly, endogenisation of the household sector, which exhibits the highest constant returns to scale, has been continuously recognised as a key objective of such attempts. This objective...

Research report

30 Sep 2014

Executive Summary

This study develops a measurement tool to assess the economic health, human capital, social well-being and liveability of regional locations. The study is guided by developments in the professional literature related to measuring these four dimensions. Information was compiled from existing...

Research report

15 Jan 2009

The purpose of this study is to recommend a suitable approach to modelling/analysing regional resource projects to ensure that the economic impacts of a FIFO versus a residential workforce are understood.



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