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5 Dec 2018

This edition of the SDG 4 data digest builds on last year’s report, which proposed a conceptual framework and tools to help countries improve the quality of their data and fulfil their reporting requirements. This report presents the wide range of national and cross-national learning...


4 Jul 2018

The National Report on Schooling in Australia 2016 addresses the eight areas of commitment to action specified in the Melbourne Declaration. It describes the national policy and reporting context for school education in Australia and reports against the nationally agreed key performance measures (KPMs) for...


Global Education Monitoring Report 2017/8
8 Apr 2018

This second report in the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report series continues its assessment of progress towards the Sustainable Development Goal on education (SDG4) and its ten targets, as well as other related education targets in the SDG agenda.


4 Mar 2018

The recommendations in this report will raise expectations and equity by creating a safety-net of core subjects all students must master. They will reduce teachers’ workloads and the volume of assessment, reduce the opportunities and incentives to teach to the test, and improve teaching and...


21 Feb 2018

The Indonesian government hopes to develop a ‘world-class’ education system by 2025. However, numerous assessments of the country’s education performance suggest that it has a long way to go before it will achieve that goal.


1 Dec 2017

This report sets out a roadmap of strategies and tools to help countries produce vital data on education. The digest sets out the measurement challenges around the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goal 4: a quality education for every child by 2030.


10 Oct 2017

This report describes Australian parents’ beliefs about the capacity of the current education environment to meet the educational needs of their children. The report is based on a survey of Australian ASG members and non-members conducted in May 2017.


22 Sep 2017

Noting the number of countries now involved in research assessment, Paul Gough observes that a growing issue for the arts is how to position themselves on the ‘front foot’ in critical issues such as value for money and relevance to public benefit.


13 Oct 2016

The second edition of the ASG Parents Report 2016 investigates the state of education in Australia from parents’ perspective, and to understand how parents feel about the current educational environment in meeting their children’s learning needs.

The 2016 report captures a broader snapshot of...


24 Jul 2016

Effective communication and advocacy activities are essential components in initiating change in education practices and policies. ACER, through the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Centre provided support to OMAES (Oeuvre Malienne d’Aide à l’Enfance du Sahel), a non-governmental organisation in Mali, for the development of an...


30 Apr 2016


Education ministries throughout the world are integrating educational assessment into their education reform processes. Education reform is not a straight-line activity, and assessment can both inform the discussion on policy reform and give an indication of the effectiveness of policies that have...


25 Aug 2015

When we assess work are we measuring what we value or are we only valuing what we can measure?

In this lecture to Australian and Korean student teachers, Professor Stephen Dobson explores what makes a good teacher today and suggests that the best reason...

Journal article

27 May 2014

This paper examines in detail a sequence of the production and reading of literacy assessment data in a small Catholic school.


In Australia, as in many western education systems over the last two decades, discourses of accountability and performativity have reshaped education...

Journal article

27 May 2014

In Australia, as in many western education systems over the last two decades, discourses of accountability and performativity have reshaped education policy that has in turn reorganised the work of school leaders and teachers. One of the effects of this reorganisation is increased attention to...


1 Apr 2013

This report presents a feasibility study into an East Asia Summit (EAS) Regional Facility for Education Quality Assessment (RFEQA). The project was developed partly in response to major findings of the 2008 study Harnessing Educational Cooperation in the EAS for Regional Competitiveness and Community Building...


15 Oct 2009

The Solomon Islands Government (SIG) is committed to achieving universal access to education up to year nine level by 2015. However, the Solomon Islands experienced a period of ethnic tension followed by civil conflict and a breakdown in governance in 2006. This unrest, in conjunction...


16 Jul 2008

In 1997, the Government of Tonga (GOT) concluded that staff at senior levels in the Tonga civil service lacked appropriate management skills and competencies required for effective and efficient performance. GOT identified the Massey University Institute of Executive Development’s Diploma in Public Sector Management (Dip...


6 Mar 2006

This plan aims to improve the quality, affordability and fairness of Australia’s child care and preschools system. ACOSS proposes expanding Child Care Benefit, linking its value to the cost of good quality services, axing the Child Care Rebate and creating a national system which gives...


10 Dec 2003

This report examines the influence of a range of factors on the literacy and numeracy achievement levels of Year 9 students in Australia. The data are from the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY), which studies the progress of cohorts of young Australians as they...



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