Education reform



24 Sep 2015

This article emphasises why establishing a culture of evidence informed practice is critical in reversing the national decline in educational outcomes. This creates important benefits for schools in areas with low socioeconomic status. It argues that supporting school leaders to engage with evidence is a...

Research report

16 Aug 2015

The most efficient way to run, fund and regulate primary and secondary schools in Australia is for the State and Territory Governments to have sole responsibility.


Australian federalism has evolved significantly since Federation in 1901. There is now extensive, contested concurrency...

Journal article

28 Jun 2015

AER 60 takes the 2011 Gonski Review of Funding for Schooling as a vantage point, from which to consider the national funding of schools in Australia, past and future.


Section 1 outlines the educational values and perspectives that have underpinned school funding...

Discussion paper


27 Feb 2015

The Australasian Council of Deans of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (DASSH) acknowledges that higher education policies need to be adjusted and be relevant in an ever-­changing environment. We welcome the opportunity to reform and simplify the current system enabling both universities and the Australian...


3 Nov 2014

Chair’s Foreword

I am pleased to introduce AITSL’s second Initial Teacher Education: Data Report. Since we released the first report in May 2013, the debate over the quality and direction of initial teacher education has intensified. The first data report has contributed to the...



11 Sep 2014

Based on the 2014 SVA Oration, Michael Traill explores innovative ways to build an efficient capital market for social purpose – one smart and sustainable enough to solve today’s entrenched social problems.

Despite massive investment in the social sector, Australia has not made much...

Research report

30 May 2014

This report was completed by the Innovation Unit on behalf of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL). It set out to discover innovative practice in professional learning and performance and development in new or transformational sectors including, but not limited to, education....


21 May 2014

This inaugural Jean Blackburn Oration was given by Mr David Gonski AC, Chair of the 2011 Review of School Funding , and includes Mr Gonski's first comments on proposed changes to school funding in the most recent Federal Government budget.




3 Apr 2014

Improving school education in Australia has been a topic of public discussion for some time. In the period 1982-2012 there was roughly one state or national inquiry every year into the teaching profession in Australia.[1] These discussion continue today. In New South Wales requirements (to...


30 Mar 2014

This report presents the initial analysis of baseline findings from the Evaluation of the implementation of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. It comprises analysis of findings from key 2013 data collection activities – the National Forum and National Survey. These activities investigated stakeholders’ knowledge...

Research report

28 Feb 2014

The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership held an Induction Round Table on the 21st of February 2014. At the event, three groups of researchers presented findings from studies related to teacher induction in schools. In the first presentation, the lessons from the Teachers...

Literature review

30 Nov 2013

Learning leaders position themselves first as learners, then as leaders of other learners. The inherent tensions in this duality are explored in this literature review. Drawing on a broad range of research from education, psychology and neuroscience, the review builds a picture of the situation...

Audio interview

26 Nov 2013

Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne's promise to overhaul Gonski has become a lightning rod for conflict between the Abbott Government and the States. But his critics argue that clawing back the Gonski reforms would see the return of the deep inequities of the SES scheme...

Literature review

30 Jun 2013

The primary focus of this review is on how school leaders can develop and sustain a student-centred philosophy at all levels within their schools in order to increase the quality of education for all students. The authors draw on research literature from Australia and internationally...

Literature review

30 Jun 2013

This literature review addresses and informs the hypothesis that ‘a culture of trust enhances performance’ in schools. Drawing on an environmental scan of research and policy literature, the authors explore the definition of trust and the ways in which trust is linked to performance in...

Research report

18 Mar 2013

This report reviews research into assessment, especially in schools, analyses the pivotal role of assessment in learning and argues for its reconceptualisation by practitioners and policy makers to better support learning.

Section 1 outlines some current pressures for assessment reform, introduces the concept of...

20 Feb 2012

A brief review of the Gonski report on school funding from Save Our Schools

The central issue in the Gonski review of school funding has been whether the focus of government funding policies should switch from supporting choice to improving equity in...

Research report

4 Jun 2010

Under the National Indigenous Reform Agreement, all Australian governments have shared responsibility for Closing the Gap in Indigenous disadvantage across six key areas -- life expectancy, child mortality, access to early childhood education, literacy and numeracy, education attainment and economic participation. This report...

Briefing paper

28 Sep 2009

This series describes very briefly the education systems in each of 31 countries, from pre-primary level to higher education. Regularly updated, it also provides information on ongoing reforms and debate in the field of education.

The general structure of each national description is similar...

Research report

23 Jun 2009

This report presents the case for learning support programs (LSPs) and suggests that, in light of Commonwealth and state commitments to social inclusion, a serious policy and funding commitment to such programs is required as a key element of the implementation of the COAG National...