electricity distribution networks

Discussion paper

10 May 2018

The AEMC is calling for public submissions on a rule change request that would make the Australian Energy Regulator responsible for calculating Values of Customer Reliability (VCR). VCRs indicate the value different types of customers place on having reliable electricity supply under different conditions.


30 Apr 2018

The AEMC Reliability Panel has published the final report for its four yearly ‘check in’ of the reliability standard and settings for the National Electricity Market. The panel found the current reliability standard and settings should be extended to 2024.

Discussion paper

13 Apr 2018

This discussion paper highlights the need for understanding the ultimate impact on electricity prices when making any changes to how transmission infrastructure is planned, built and operated.


28 Feb 2018

The Network Exemption Guideline relates to a privately-owned embedded or exempt network. An exempt network is any network supplying electrical energy to a third party, but not a transmission or distribution network registered with AEMO.


5 Feb 2018

This inquiry heard that a lack of policy certainty is impacting on the operation of the NEM, as a lack of certainty has an impact on investment. The policy certainty required relates to a mechanism to achieve emissions reduction in the electricity sector. The electricity...


19 Dec 2017

This review is looking at ways to deliver a reliable power system – one that has enough electricity available when consumers need it – at the lowest cost.


28 Nov 2017

AEMO has released its 2017/18 summer readiness report, which outlines all actions taken to best prepare the National Electricity Market to meet Australian energy consumer requirements.


18 Jul 2017

This Australian Energy Market Commission resource reports on drivers that impact new investment in generation and electricity transmission networks. It recommends that the review progress to a second stage.

Audio program

15 Dec 2016

Australia's Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, says he's confident the federal government will accept his advice when he delivers his review into the National Electricity Market next year. His preliminary report released last Friday said an emissions intensity scheme was the best way to address...

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12 Dec 2016

CEDA welcomed AEMO Chair, Tony Marxsen, to share AEMO’s preliminary recommendations and observations from their analysis and investigations into the ‘Black System’ event in South Australia.

Discussion paper

11 Dec 2016

Australia’s national energy landscape has been transformed since the creation of the National Electricity Market two decades ago. The rapid uptake of renewable technology and leaps forward in energy efficiency and storage have been game changers for generators, distributors, retailers and consumers of electricity. If...

Research report

9 Dec 2016

This Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market Preliminary Report identifies the complex forces driving a rapid transition across the electricity sector.

It seeks input on key questions to navigate the transition in line with consumer expectations for a secure...

Research report

8 Dec 2016

AEMO has released its preliminary report into the South Australian separation event on 1 December 2016. The report states that at 0016 hrs (AEST) on 1 December 2016, a fault on the Moorabool to Tarrone 500kV transmission line in Victoria resulted in the South Australia...

Audio interview

21 Oct 2016

One of Australia's biggest power distribution networks, Ausgrid, has been sold after a contentious process that revived debates about foreign ownership. Australian companies IFM Investors and AustralianSuper are the new owners of 50% of the power network.

Chief executive of IFM Investors, Brett Himbury,...

Research report

19 Oct 2016

In this updated report, it is now known that five system faults occurred within a period of 88 seconds on 28 September 2016, leading to six voltage disturbances.

Data now shows that nine of the 13 wind farms online at the time of the...

Research report

5 Oct 2016

This preliminary report explains how severe weather moved through South Australia on the afternoon of Wednesday 28 September 2016, with high winds, thunderstorms, lightning strikes, hail, and heavy rainfall. The weather resulted in multiple transmission system faults including, in the space of 12 seconds, the...


12 Aug 2016

South Australia’s business community is paying the price for a grid that is no longer fit for purpose.

The meeting of COAG’s Energy Council on 19 August must take action to start the transition from the current ‘Dumb Grid’ based on an increasingly outdated...