energy markets


9 Sep 2017

One of the most common debates in economics is when should government intervene in markets?


27 Apr 2017

In this submission, the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) has identified five key policy solutions which could support a transition to high performance buildings.



8 Feb 2017

It seems that you can ask the Coalition government pretty much any question – about plunging polls, Donald Trump, Cory Bernardi or even the weather – and the answer will always be the same: “We’re focused on electricity prices.”

Great. But what exactly is...

Discussion paper

25 Feb 2016

The Clean Energy Council believes energy market reform should prioritise the following initiatives:

• Accelerate the transition to a cleaner energy sector by overcoming conflict between institutions and ensuring that the National Energy Objectives recognise the importance of climate change policy and renewable energy...



23 Oct 2015

The Panel concludes that the division of functions established by the current governance arrangements for Australian energy markets is fundamentally sound and that Australian energy market governance is amongst best practice internationally. Australia’s energy market governance relies on clearly specified and stable policy and appropriate...



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