foreign affairs


7 Dec 2017

Proposed criminal offences, with regard to foreign interference in Australian politics and national security, will significantly expand the scope of existing laws against espionage and treason. This will make it easier to prosecute spies and other foreign nationals who seek undue influence over Australian business...


17 Mar 2017

The 2017 Whitlam Institute Gough Whitlam Oration by Dr Stephen FitzGerald AO was a landmark and timely address on Australia's place in the world.

Offering a unique perspective as a diplomat, academic and Australia's first Ambassador to the People's Republic of China - appointed...



20 Jul 2016

Australia, like every nation, must define its interests in a realistic way, in line with its core values, domestic priorities and financial resources. Australia’s national interest lies first and foremost in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as in key relationships with bilateral allies.



7 Jul 2016

With the slogan of "all the way with LBJ", Australia's 17th prime minister Harold Holt (1966-67) of the Liberal Party controversially expanded Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War in support of the United States.

The country's 25th prime minister from the same side of...


21 Apr 2006

Former senior defence department strategist Allan Behm urges the federal government to begin planning for a 'tectonic shift' in the power balance in Asia, which will see China's economic and military power rival and even surpass that of the US. Australia would need to place...



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