Gambling policy


10 Oct 2018

Policy released prior to Nov 2018 Victorian State Election outlining a commitment to phase out electronic gambling machines by 2028.

Also see related policy costing Victorian Parliament Budget Office

Discussion paper

7 Feb 2018

This paper estimates the costs of gambling harm to the Tasmanian economy as $341.58 million, more than three times the total gambling tax revenue accrued by the state in 2016-17.

Audio interview

28 Jun 2016

The West Australian Premier has been forced to quash suggestions the government is planning to allow the TAB to install electronic gaming machines. The idea had been floated by the state's Racing Minister as part of negotiations over the sale of the government-owned betting agency....


24 Jun 2016

State governments traditionally regulate gambling in Australia. They tend to work closely with “industry” to promote gambling’s benefits, as they see them.

These benefits include revenue for cash-strapped state treasuries (about $5.75 billion a year, $3.5 billion of it from pokies), glitzy tourist attractions...

Journal article

24 Sep 2014


The use of electronic gambling machines (EGMs) in Australia and New Zealand constitutes the largest sector of the gambling industry. The costs arising from the harms of gambling detract significantly from its benefits, and in all Australian jurisdictions various policy measures have...


21 Oct 2009

Stronger harm minimisation measures are needed, mainly aimed at 'pokies', including lowering the intensity of play and the capacity for gamblers to set spending limits on themselves, according to this report.

Gamblers in Australia spend (lose) over $18 billion per year including nearly...


28 Aug 2007

Gambling is a part of Australian life and many people derive enjoyment from it. But a minority of Australians (and their families) suffer considerable anguish and hardship - more akin to the experience with alcohol.

A balanced industry and policy environment must therefore take...



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