Government services


12 Feb 2018

If the public service were a patient “it would be in palliative care”, says Terry Moran. Here’s what other secretaries have said about Australia’s loss of bureaucratic capacity.

Research report

11 Feb 2018

In this annual overview of global government innovation, the OECD warns that the public sector will need a 'major course correction' to come to terms with the uncertainty posed by globalisation, rising inequality and disruptive technologies. The report argues that current government infrastructure is not...


1 Feb 2018

The Australian government has an ambitious agenda to transform its digital service delivery. Cloud offers reusable digital platforms at a lower cost, and shifts service delivery to a faster, more reliable digital channel. Cloud services have the opportunity to make government more responsive, convenient, available...


5 Dec 2017

This report makes it clear that the Western Australian community wants higher quality services and greater involvement in service design. However, the challenge of tackling the state’s budget deficit means that better services must be delivered at a lower cost.


20 Sep 2017

The key objective of the growth study was to gain an independent view of the impact of population growth on the capacity of councils to provide services and infrastructure to the community over time.

Draft report

25 Aug 2017

This interim report signals directions for Western Australian public sector reform that will be developed into recommendations in a final report to the state government in October 2017.


24 Jul 2017

These guidelines set out the criteria for submitting market-led proposals for infrastructure or services, what is expected of proponents at each stage of the process, what proponents can expect from government at each stage of the process, and how proposals are to be assessed by...


5 Jul 2017

New Zealand’s Lab+ experiment has been testing the concept of what integrated services could look like into the future. The team’s Australian lead, Pia Waugh, explores three models of user-centric services that came out of the research.


21 Oct 2016

The private sector discussion paper issued in December 2015 was intended to elicit the combined experience of various industries to assist with the development of the strategic direction for the Shared and Common Services Program (the Program).

This document sets out the key themes...

Discussion paper

15 Jun 2016

FECCA have released its consultation report, ‘Digital Access and Equity for Multicultural Communities’.

The Australian Government is investing in the digital transformation agenda to drive innovation and make it easier for individuals and businesses to access government services.

The move to digital government...

Discussion paper

26 May 2016

The proposed reporting framework is intended to enable the Steering Committee for the Review of Government Services to enhance its performance monitoring work on government service provision (the Report on Government Services) with complementary reporting on what works to improve outcomes for these services....



30 Jan 2015

The Independent Evaluation of the National Community Hubs Program was commissioned in the context of the establishment of a network of an anticipated 100 Community Hubs under the Program. This was a process evaluation of the first stage of the Hub roll-out (30 Hubs nationally:...


15 Jun 2014

In this study, customers/consumers, representatives of public sector provider organizations, and elected policy makers conveyed their perceptions of factors influencing essential functions and services delivery in selected Western Australian rural communities.

Research report

14 Nov 2012

The Australian Government Department of Human Services (the department) partnered with the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) to test a way of engaging and collaborating with the community and stakeholders.

The Co-Design Community Engagement prototype was a research project to test and gather information...

Research report

1 Nov 2012

The delivery of effective and efficient public services is the hallmark of good government, yet as private sector standards rise there needs to be an equivalent increase in the quality of public service and increasing confidence and respect between the public service and...