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Research report

24 Mar 2017


Improving student outcomes in post-secondary online learning requires a strategic, tailored approach, emphasising student engagement and individualised monitoring, support and outreach. Qualitative interviews with education practitioners from 15 Australian universities and The Open University UK informed 10 National Guidelines to Improve Student...


28 Oct 2015

In a presentation delivered to the Australian Financial Review Higher Education Summit on Wednesday 28 October 2015, Mitchell Professorial Fellow Peter Noonan proposes a new model for tertiary education funding in Australia.

In this presentation, Professor Noonan:

explained why Australia needs to consider...

Journal article

19 Oct 2015

Peer mentoring is often considered the single most effective strategy for increasing student retention and student satisfaction. As a consequence, mentoring programs have been implemented at most universities and are an essential feature of best practice transition programs. Yet, the literature is inconsistent regarding what...

Journal article

1 Sep 2015

There is considerable debate both in Australia and internationally about the best way for schools to deliver the thinking skills required for university study and professional work life – skills that are often referred to by the term “critical thinking”. This article reviews the literature...

Research report

26 Aug 2015


Background This report details the findings from a research project funded by the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE) that explores new data tracking student cohorts through the higher education system – from commencement to completion. In a time...



25 Mar 2015

Looked at over time and ranked against other OECD countries, public funding of Australian universities is at a record-breaking low

At a conference of university leaders in early 2013, Tony Abbott promised “relative policy stability” in higher education if he became prime minister....


3 Nov 2014

Chair’s Foreword

I am pleased to introduce AITSL’s second Initial Teacher Education: Data Report. Since we released the first report in May 2013, the debate over the quality and direction of initial teacher education has intensified. The first data report has contributed to the...


9 Aug 2013

In this thesis, I explore how academics with and without formal leadership positions experience and understand themselves as leaders in their everyday working contexts. The thesis both responds to and advances recent criticisms that the majority of leadership studies in higher education tend to exclusively...

Research report

12 Apr 2010

The Australian Institute of Music is in a challenging phase of development. With the resolution of a dispute over the ownership, the organisation is in a process of settling and consolidating. It is with this background that the Australian Universities Quality Agency's Audit Panel has...

Research report

19 Mar 2010

This paper examines whether the expansion of higher education has reduced inequality by providing more opportunities for students from less privileged backgrounds to attend university or further entrenched existing inequalities.

Drawing on Maximally Maintained Inequality theory and Relative Risk Aversion theory, the author uses...


3 Nov 2009

This thesis reports on an ethnographic research project that explored the experiences and perspectives of a group of women in New Zealand higher education, including international and New Zealand students and partners of international students. The study had two aims. The first was to disrupt...


3 Nov 2009

This thesis investigates first-year students' challenges in making sense of the learning and teaching environment during their first semester at university. The aims for the research are threefold. Firstly, mapping the range of challenges students at one university faced in their learning and teaching environments...

Research report

5 May 2009

Most Australian graduates are enjoying employment success and earning high salaries according to this report.

The 2008 Graduate Pathways Survey was designed to gain information on employment outcomes five years after completing a bachelor degree, how these changed from graduates’ initial outcomes, the pathways...

Research report

17 Dec 2008

Australia is falling behind other countries in performance and investment in higher education. Developed and developing countries alike accept there are strong links between their productivity and the proportion of the population with high-level skills. These countries have concluded that they must invest not only...