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17 Jul 2018

Damian Madigan’s Established Manors speculation, a winning entry in the New South Wales Government’s Missing Middle Design Competition, employs the tropes of suburban alterations and additions in order to create four dwellings from two existing bungalows. This alternative model for densification has the potential to...

Working paper

1 Jun 2018

Unprecedented levels of urbanisation coupled with revolutions in transport, energy, and data technology offer new opportunities to reshape cities. Cities of the future need to be planned strategically to support environmental and social well-being as well as economic productivity. To do so, cities must encourage...


Inquiry into increasing affordable housing supply: evidence-based principles and strategies for Australian policy and practice
10 Apr 2018

There is growing interest in the potential for inclusionary planning approaches to help deliver affordable housing supply in Australian cities and regions. Within wider government strategies for affordable housing supply, inclusionary planning approaches can play a role in requiring or incentivising dwelling units, land, or...


3 Nov 2016

The NSW Government is using codification to encourage housing supply in Sydney. The codification is designed to override local housing design, volume and location controls, where these are perceived to obstruct higher residential density. The codification replaces local design rules with statewide standards, and merit...


12 Oct 2016

The NSW Government is seeking feedback on the draft Medium Density Design Guide. The Design Guide is intended to assist in achieving better design and planning outcomes for low-rise, medium-density housing. It provides guidance and criteria for designing and assessing these developments.

The Design...

Discussion paper

16 Apr 2015

A policy that depends on the continuous consumption of non-renewable resources and an ever-increasing workforce is flawed; it is unsustainable. An different economic model is needed, one that can be maintained if Australia is to stop its spiral towards the overcrowding of its living spaces,...

Working paper

URP Working Paper No. 11
15 May 1989

This paper discusses past urban consolidation policies in Australia, and disputes claims made planning authorities.



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