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24 April 2017

Australia faces an increasingly crowded and complex geopolitical environment in the South Pacific. While the most important external powers in the region have traditionally been Australia, New...

13 April 2017

Looks at the implications of warship service life for the overall cost-of-ownership and the operation of the Royal Australian Navy as an enterprise.

11 April 2017

Reviews a counter-terrorism arrest from February 2017 and makes recommendations for Australian counter-terrorism agencies.

29 March 2017

A collection of articles about what women, peace and security (WPS) means for Australia’s defence and national security.

27 March 2017

Once regarded as a pariah state with connections to North Korea and possible nuclear-weapon ambitions, Myanmar has completely changed course.

21 March 2017

This yearbook looks at those areas around the world where terrorism and counterterrorism are in greatest focus.

17 March 2017

Report of a formal dialogue which examined cybersecurity issues and how best to manage them in a cooperative manner.

28 February 2017

This report argues that even as ASEAN’s strategic pertinence steadily increases, the member states of the grouping face a dilemma over collective action that challenges not only perceptions of...

21 February 2017

For thirteen years, the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation has served as a regional rallying point for much-needed counterterrorism capacity development and cooperation.

13 February 2017

This paper examines the appeal of Islamic State (IS) to Western women and explores how women can be employed in countering violent extremism (CVE) structures to prevent further involvement.

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Blog post
15 September 2016

Cybersecurity continues to be a prominent issue in the US election race, writes Zoe Hawkins.

24 November 2015

This article examines the State Grid Corporation of China’s bid for the NSW electricity transmission network TransGrid.

18 November 2015

This commentary asks why Chinese naval vessels have recently been given access to the Malaysian port of Kota Kinabalu.

11 November 2015

An account of the creation of an armed militia within the Chinese company Landbridge, underlining the close links between the People's Liberation Army and this company which has secured a  99-year...

Blog post
9 November 2015

A short examination of the 99-Year lease on Darwin Port sold to Chinese company Landbridge.

12 October 2015

The Parramatta shooting and its aftermath demonstrate common difficulties democracies face in counterterrorism.

14 June 2013

For a while now defence officials and analysts on both sides of the Tasman have been looking for ways to...

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29 June 2016

This paper analyses Russia’s geopolitical ambitions, its military modernisation, the threat it poses to the international order, and how the West should respond.

24 March 2016

Australia hasn't experienced the type of attack seen in Brussels, but the threat is real, writes Jacinta Carroll.

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