Murray-Darling Basin


14 Feb 2018

This report highlights that whilst the Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) claims to base its recommendations on best available science, the proposed amendments allow the MDBA and the states change the Sustainable Diversion Limits (SDLs) without considering the science.

Research report

7 Feb 2018

This research shows that estimates of impacts on South Australia from proposed changes to the Murray Darling Basin Plan have been changed multiple times by the Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA).


21 Dec 2017

This report card provides a summary of progress made in Victoria towards achieving the Basin Plan environmental outcomes.


19 Dec 2017

This report questions using averages to represent flows in the Barwon-Darling and challenges the NSW Water Minister’s claims about how much water is going into maintain river health.


12 Dec 2017

It’s been five years since the Basin Plan was established – it’s time to check how implementation is going. The 2017 evaluation considers environmental, social, cultural and economic outcomes seen so far, and whether these outcomes are in line with what was expected five years...


30 Nov 2017

This report sets out a suite of long-term reforms that are necessary if the nation is to achieve its ultimate goal of restoring the health of river systems in the Murray-Darling Basin.


24 Nov 2017

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) and an Independent Panel have conducted a Basin-wide Compliance Review at the request of the Australian Government, to assess the legislative, policy and practical implementation of compliance in water management across the Basin.


11 Sep 2017

The allegations of water theft and maladministration that are the subject of this investigation were raised on the ABC TV ‘Four Corners’ program “Pumped: Who is benefitting from the billions spent on the Murray-Darling?’’

Discussion paper

9 Sep 2017

The CEWH has released this discussion paper and is seeking feedback on what type of environmental activities the community would like to be considered when developing a framework for future investments.

Research report

25 Nov 2016

The Northern Basin Review represents an opportunity to check if the targets set for water recovery in northern basin catchments are appropriate.

It is an important step in safeguarding one of Australia’s greatest national assets, the Murray–Darling Basin. Its continued well-being is an essential...

Research report

14 Oct 2016

RMCG has completed a ground-breaking socio-economic study of the impact of the Basin Plan across the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District (GMID). The study was commissioned by concerned agencies and stakeholders across the region.

The study shows that the Basin Plan has led to significant impacts...

Blog post

16 May 2014

The National Water Commission (NWC) is to be dissolved, Finance Minister Mathias Cormann confirmed on Monday. Established during the millennium drought, the NWC is an independent statutory authority designed to monitor the progress of national water reform, but its role changed and expanded over the...


7 Aug 2012

On 28th May 2012, the Authority provided a package of documents to each member of the Murray–Darling Basin Ministerial Council which included a transmittal letter, the Proposed Basin Plan – a revised draft, the Proposed Basin Plan consultation report, the Socio-economic implications of the Proposed...


29 May 2012

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority has released the revised Basin Plan to ministers as part of the next step in the process of developing a plan for the Murray–Darling Basin.

The MDBA also released a report detailing the changes that have been made to the...


22 Oct 2010

This volume reflects the content of the overview and the regional guides, but at a more detailed level, with more of the technical background identified and explained.

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) was established by the Water Act 2007 (Cwlth) and charged with preparing...


9 Oct 2010

This Guide to the proposed Basin Plan (the Guide) is the first part of a three-stage process consisting of the Guide, the proposed Basin Plan and the Basin Plan. The Guide will give stakeholders key content of the proposed Basin Plan and an additional opportunity...

Research report

8 Oct 2010

On 20 August 2009 the Senate instructed the Standing Committee on Environment and Communications to inquire and report on the ability of the Commonwealth, across state borders, to sustainably manage water resources in the national interest, with particular reference to:

a) the issuing,...

Research report

11 May 2010

The Ecological Outcomes of Flow Regimes Project commenced in July 2008 and was funded by the National Water Commission through its Raising National Water Standards Program. The National Water Initiative (NWI) requires that surface water and groundwater systems of high conservation value are identified and...

Research report

7 Dec 2009

This report focuses on the potential impacts of mining upon surficial and groundwater flows and quality in the alluvial flood plains at its headwaters in the Namoi valley and the Darling Downs catchments.

The Senate Environment, Communications and the Arts Legislation Committee acknowledges other...



10 Jul 2008

The new Murray-Darling management structure is set to fail, writes JACK WATERFORD.

EVERYONE “knows” why the Murray-Darling river management has been such a mess. The basin runs through four states and a territory, each with its own local interests, not least in irrigation...