Policy report

22 Feb 2018

This paper addresses a key question: could non-alignment and the five principles of Panchsheel as the basis of Nehruvian foreign policy can be described as contiguous with, continuing and joining across time, with the foreign policy platform espoused by current Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Research report

24 Oct 2017

This report argues that the increasing recognition by Australia and India of the benefits that each has to offer has the potential to invigorate the relationship.

Research report

17 Oct 2017

India, Australia and the United States can play an important role by co-operating more closely in maintaining a rules-based order in the Indian Ocean Region.


13 Oct 2017

This quick guide provides a snapshot of current international defence engagement with Myanmar by the following countries—Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, and India.


9 Sep 2017

India's Act East policy reinforces regional integration, security and prosperity, but it isn't sufficient to address the emerging security challenges in the region.

Research report

4 Sep 2017

As the concept of the 'Indo-Pacific' region has increasingly gained momentum, there remains many opportunities and challenges for India to regionally integrate and realise the concept of the Indo-Pacific.

Research report

24 Aug 2017

India’s soft power resources can be nurtured and better used to advance its foreign policy interests, if the government unobtrusively provides infrastructural support for soft projects and refrains from interfering in the cultural and social lives of its citizens.



18 Aug 2017

The relevance of Section 44 of the Australian Constitution has again been questioned. Despite the Prime Minister’s constitutionally inappropriate foretelling of the outcome, the High Court’s decision is far from predictable.

Research report

25 Jul 2017

India is the largest consumer of groundwater in the world and, because its rate of extraction has remained high, groundwater replenishment has been unable to sustain water levels in many of the country’s aquifers.

Blog post

19 Sep 2016

Last week, there was a big copyright ruling in India, where a court ruled against some big academic publishers in ruling that a photocopying kiosk, that sold photocopied chapters from textbooks, was not infringing on the copyrights of those publishers.

We wrote about this...



1 Sep 2016

This report discusses electricity market design and regulation under high volumes of variable renewable energy sources (VRE) such as wind and solar power. It includes policy recommendations on how to reform current market and regulatory frameworks in order to accommodate high shares of VRE, in...

Research report

25 Aug 2016


The rise of Asia’s two giants, China and India, is forcing Australia to re-examine its understanding of the regional order that has existed since the 1940s. There has been much debate about the choices that Australia faces with a rising China, but...

Research report

12 Aug 2016


India no longer sees Australia as merely a strategic stooge of the US. And Australia is starting to accord India the importance India always saw as its right. Those are big changes in attitude and policy—and in the two countries’ understanding of...

Research report

10 Aug 2016

This edited collection of papers examines the emerging concept of the Indo-Pacific, maritime tensions including in the East and South China Seas, transnational security issues, the role of Japan as a regional security partner, and prospects for partnerships involving other countries. These are drawn from...

Working paper

31 May 2016


Outside the sub-continent, the bloodshed in South Asia 45 years ago has been too easily forgotten. In 2016, as the number of people displaced by the ongoing tragedy in Syria and Iraq passed the ten million mark after several years of civil...

Research report

26 May 2016

This report uses case studies from two of the largest Asian-Australian communities, Chinese and Indian, to deepen understanding of the role of Australia’s Asian business diasporas in maximising commercial links with Asia.

Fact sheet

15 Apr 2016

This resource shows the importance of ongoing development of economic ties between Australia and India.

India is also only a modest destination for Australian outward investment, ranking as our 18th most popular investment destination and accounting for just 0.5 per cent of the total...

Research report

7 Apr 2016

This paper provides an overview of poverty and well-being trends in India since the mid-1990s. Poverty reduction since 2005 has been much faster than the earlier decade, as a result of broad-based growth across most geographic areas. Underlying this is a pattern of high mobility...

Research report

19 Jan 2016

Brings together the views of young people from around the world to the global debate about the importance of skills and education.


The advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is leading us into a period of great transformation.

Infosys believes...

Working paper

6 Dec 2015

Abstract: One of the factors demonstrated by racial or religious segregation is people’s preference for residential homophily – the tendency of like-minded people to gather in the same places. In societies disposed to ethnic conflict, homophily serves the added purpose of safety in numbers. When...