Research report

11 Aug 2016

This report explores how legal services can better protect the human rights and dignity of people with mental illness and cognitive disabilities who have been detained for compulsory treatment.

The report’s author, Eleanore Fritze, a senior lawyer in Victoria Legal Aid’s Mental Health and...

Journal article

9 Aug 2016

Reports on the findings of comparative research conducted in England and NZ to explore relative levels of autonomy and capacity for primary health care policymaking in the two countries between 2001 and 2007

Journal article

2 Mar 2016

This article examines an ostensibly new feature of the securitised urban landscape: ‘hostile architecture’. Following controversy in 2014 London over ‘anti‐homeless spikes’– metal studs implanted at ground level designed to discourage the homeless from sleeping in otherwise unrestricted spaces – certain visible methods of environmental...

Literature review

28 Feb 2016

This Evidence Check review examined organisations that have a key role in healthcare performance measurement and reporting across developed economies. A total of 34 organisations from 12 countries were included in the analysis, with the aim of identifying trends in terms of mandates, functions, structure...

Research report

4 Jan 2016

This small-scale study, undertaken by NFER and NESTA, revealed both benefits and challenges of implementing a flipped learning approach to mathematics teaching. Flipped learning involves the use of digital technology, such as video, to provide direct instruction on new concepts outside of the classroom. Students...

Research report

19 Oct 2015


Aim : To compare crime trends in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, England and Wales, and Scandinavia.

Method : Trend data were extracted from publications and online data repositories. Population counts were used to...

Research report

31 Aug 2015

Examines the policies and research on charter schools and their equivalents in five countries –USA, Sweden, Chile, England and New Zealand.

Summary Charter schools and free schools – publicly-funded, privately-managed schools – have been introduced in several countries around the world as a...


22 Apr 2015

England and New Zealand introduced pay-for-performance schemes in their primary health care systems, with incentives for general practitioners to achieve improved population-based health outcomes, between 2001 and 2007. These schemes were part of health reforms to change the relationship between the state and the medical...


9 Apr 2015

Early investment in vulnerable families, both in terms of the timing of early support or at the onset of issues, is more effective and cheaper than specialist support which is offered only once problems become complex. One of the best ways to keep children safe...

Research report

11 Mar 2015

Summary: Across the English-speaking world, child protection authorities are increasingly placing children with extended family rather than in foster care or residential care. Many more children are in such arrangements informally. A number of surveys of kinship carers have been conducted in recent years...

Research report

3 Mar 2015

Two thirds of all crime in England and Wales is property crime, yet victims have little faith in the ability of the criminal justice system to address it. Only one in every ten shoplifting incidents is reported to police, and half of burglary victims never...

Discussion paper

15 Feb 2015

This paper proposes a method to estimate the capitalized value of the architectural design quality of a neighbourhood.

Journal article

9 Feb 2015

Abstract: This two-part study tracks and measures the professional self-efficacy judgements of two cohorts of pre-service teachers (PST).

In Part One, the GTCE’s Code of Conduct and Practice (GTCE, 2009) was used to help form an instrument which tracked changes in the professional self-efficacy...

Discussion paper

14 Oct 2014

Under the current NSW Child Protection legislative reforms, there is increased emphasis on permanency arrangements including adoption and long-term guardianship orders.

This paper provides an overview of the development of post-adoption support services in the US and UK; outlines research on the benefits of...

Research report

1 Aug 2014

This publication surveys lobbying codes of conduct and registers introduced by Australian federal and state governments and some overseas governments.

Executive summary

This publication surveys lobbying codes of conduct and registers introduced by Australian federal and state governments and some overseas governments....

Journal article

24 Jul 2013

Government is one of the biggest producers of data—and one of the few that deliver data to the public free of charge. Governments already regulate how organizations may use personal data and myriad other issues related to data. The question, then, isn’t really whether government...

Research report

10 May 2013

This research has been commissioned by the Western Australian Government to describe and assess international models for financing the supply of affordable housing that use public subsidies and incentives to attract large scale commercial finance to the supply of affordable housing. This report provides the...

Research report

19 Oct 2012

This study is the first that investigates the mortality of homeless people for all causes of death at the national level in England.

It looked at national death records and matched the postcode given in each of them to the known addresses of homeless...

Research report

14 May 2009

This Review has tried to capture the distinctiveness of the primary phase. The curriculum that primary children are offered must enable them to enjoy this unique stage of childhood, inspire learning and develop the knowledge, skills and understanding which are the building blocks for secondary...


25 Jul 2008

The United Kingdom is more than just politics and government. An important part of it is made up of the cultural links between its four nations. It is this relationship that the author of this paper seeks to explore, using the media as a lens...