Open government


21 Sep 2018

This document, the second such plan devised for the nation, outlines the Australian government's aspirations for enhancing access to information, civic participation and public accountability in the digital age.

Draft report

20 Sep 2018

The Open Government Action Plan aims to transform the relationship between government and all the people it serves. The state sector reforms that have been proposed are aimed at making exciting and meaningful change to the way government works for citizens and engages with citizens....

Journal article

16 Mar 2018

With the shift in administrations from Obama to Trump, the climate of open government data in the United States has shifted as well.

Journal article

12 Feb 2018

The story of LEGO's brand resurgence, and others like it about open innovation, have important implications for implementation of strategy in the public sector.

Annual Report

21 Sep 2017

This report provides an assessment of Australia’s progress towards fulfilling the promise of our Open Government commitments, and in particular, in meeting the OGP Participation & Co-creation Standards.


1 Sep 2017

This article outlines what open government is, why it matters to New Zealand, and how the country could benefit from it.


15 Dec 2016

This document is a summary of ‘civil society’ engagement undertaken between 15 July and 30 August 2016 for the development of New Zealand’s second National Action Plan (NAP) for the Open Government Partnership (OGP). For the purposes of this project civil society was defined as...


7 Dec 2016

This National Action Plan sets out the initial steps the federal government will take in pursuit of the aim to improve and build confidence in Australian institutions and strengthen our democracy, by upholding the principles in the Open Government Declaration to:

• promote transparency,...


7 Dec 2016

After years of 'open government' reforms being closed down - or shelved - the Turnbull Government is due to release a National Action Plan to coincide with an international summit on open government this week.

The plan is required for membership of the global...


9 Nov 2016

Video of Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan - public information session, held in Canberra on 7 November 2016.

Audio podcast

8 Nov 2016

In this podcast, Helen Owens, the principal advisor on public data policy and strategy at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, talks about the Open Government Partnership - enhancing transparency in policy decision making.

Discussion paper

31 Oct 2016

The Open Government Partnership is a multilateral initiative established in 2011 that aims to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance. Membership requires governments to work with civil society to ‘co-create’ a National...


20 Oct 2016

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) has at its heart a theme of continuously improving how government and citizens relate. The OGP recognises that the quality and effectiveness of government is increased by open government and by public participation in government. It encourages government and citizens...


26 Sep 2016

The Federal government will soon consider a draft National Action Plan that will articulate how the Coalition promises to promote open government and finalise membership to the Open Government Partnership (OGP), following a very tight public consultation period.

The OGP is a voluntary, multi-stakeholder...


14 Jul 2016

This resource provides an update of key advocacy and policy issues of interest to the research library community in Canada and in the US from April 1 through July 14, 2016.

Topics covered include copyright and IP, open and public access policies, net neutrality...


2 Jun 2016

Last year Sense about Science asked Sir Stephen Sedley, a former judge in the Court of Appeal and a new trustee of Sense about Science, to undertake an inquiry into the scale and significance of non-publication of government-commissioned research.

Sir Stephen found out that:...



2 Jun 2016

In November 2015, soon after he became Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull committed the Australian government to participating in the Open Government Partnership, something that had been promised by the Rudd/Gillard Labor Government but not acted upon by the Abbott Coalition Government.

The Open Government...


8 Feb 2016

Access to open government data in Australia is economically important, as confirmed by multiple theoretical and empirical studies, with varying estimates of its net positive benefit. Some of these benefits include new data-driven products and services, increased operational efficiency in both the public and private...


4 Jan 2016

This CSV file contains details of records held by the National Archives of Australia that were examined for release but withheld from public access in 2015. These files have an access status of 'Closed' in the NAA's online database.

The data of all files...


7 Dec 2015

As part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda, the Australian Government has today released its Public Data Policy Statement. This formalises the Government’s commitment to open data and data-driven innovation.

Access to and use of the data that is collected by Commonwealth Government...



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