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8 Nov 2018

Gladys Berejiklian wants fewer migrants for New South Wales. But that’s not a cost-free option, says a former senior immigration official.


2 Oct 2018

Despite political commentary, Australia’s population policy is about right when it comes to managing ageing, immigration, economic development and the cities and regions.

Discussion paper

Paper prepared for the Balance Victoria online initiative
14 Aug 2018

In this inaugural discussion paper, former Victorian Premier, Steve Bracks, and former Victorian Deputy Premier, Pat McNamara, discuss the four policy pillars of a future population decentralisation agenda for Victoria.


18 Apr 2018

This paper describes new sub-national New Zealand population measures that have been developed by the Treasury using integrated administrative data. The paper accompanies the release of interactive online tools that present new data about the changing population of New Zealand and its territorial authority (TA)...

Briefing paper

17 Apr 2018

Population growth and population distribution affect most areas of public policy. This paper examines the benefits that population growth and migration bring to Australia, whilst remaining aware of the challenges created by having a larger population.

Briefing paper

29 Jun 2017

This visual summary of results from the 2016 Census looks at population growth in regional areas.


30 Mar 2017

Main features:

Australia's estimated resident population (ERP) reached 24.1 million at 30 June 2016, increasing by 337,800 people or 1.4% since 30 June 2015. This growth rate was unchanged from 2014-15. All states and territories experienced population growth between 2015 and 2016. Victoria...


21 Jul 2016

Higher rates of population growth in our big cities are not driven by Australians moving from the regions to the city. Regional Australia has lower population growth than the cities because it does not attract its share of international migrants.

Overall, the migration of...

Briefing paper

27 Oct 2015

In June 2014 Premier Mike Baird and then Planning Minister Prue Goward announced plans to establish a Greater Sydney Commission, described as a single agency to “streamline the way the NSW Government’s infrastructure and urban planning priorities are delivered”.

The proposal fits into a...

Discussion paper

16 Apr 2015

A policy that depends on the continuous consumption of non-renewable resources and an ever-increasing workforce is flawed; it is unsustainable. An different economic model is needed, one that can be maintained if Australia is to stop its spiral towards the overcrowding of its living spaces,...


1 Jan 2013

This report provides an overview of the population dynamics of Western Australia over the past decade, situating the members of the Western Australian Regional Capitals Alliance (WARCA) within this broader geographical context. This report is the first in a series of reports that are intended...


2 Aug 2011

Population growth has been the subject of much public discussion in recent times. However, widespread misconceptions about the pace, characteristics and implications of population growth means that much of this debate has not been as well informed by the facts as the topic...

13 Apr 2010

Robert Tanton reports on new research looking at the spatial implications of population growth

THERE HAS been a lot of talk recently about how many Australians there will be in the future, and how we should prepare for this. A new population minister,...


12 Jun 2002

Australia's population is ageing. While the population has increased more than fourfold since the beginning of the 20th century, fertility and mortality rates have undergone significant changes, and overseas migration has fluctuated substantially. Ageing Yet Diverse: The Changing Shape of Australia's Population focuses on the...



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