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Discussion paper

21 May 2018

This analysis by the Australia Institute shows the Liddell power station broke down four times this year. These breakdowns were on high-demand summer days, when reliability is most important for electricity supply.


29 Mar 2018

Wholesale electricity prices in Victoria and South Australia have risen since the closure of the Hazelwood power station, according to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER), with other states in the National Electricity Market (NEM) also affected.


29 Mar 2018

This report looks at what has transpired over the period since the closure of Hazelwood and how its contribution to meeting Victoria’s electricity demand since it closed was covered. The report also considers the contribution that new large-scale renewables under construction and demand side activities...

Working paper

4 Sep 2017

This working paper explores the necessary provisions of a Contract for Difference (CFD) for a new ‘High Efficiency Low Emissions’ (HELE) coal generator producing steam at ultrasupercritical pressure and temperature.


3 Nov 2016

This Insights report provides a preliminary assessment of some of the potential impacts of the closure decision Hazelwood power station. Further investigation is required to gain a deeper, more holistic understanding of scenarios whereby the power system is operating with less synchronous generation.


30 Sep 2016

The Latrobe Valley has a proud history of supplying the electricity that powers Victoria. But coalburning power stations are ageing and – responding to climate change – the world is moving rapidly to cleaner energy sources. In this shifting context, the Latrobe Valley faces inevitable...



26 Sep 2016

Earlier this year, Engie, the majority owner of Hazelwood, flagged it was considering closing or selling the plant.

There are many factors that would be contributing to their deliberation. These include, but are not limited to, the plant’s age, changes in the electricity market,...


1 Aug 2016

In recent months, there have been a number of inaccurate media stories linking high electricity prices in South Australia with the state’s high proportion of wind and solar generation.

While the complexities and technical aspects of the electricity system can be difficult to fully...


1 Jul 2016

In December 2015, the Committee for Gippsland initiated a project to inform and drive a recommended approach to industry transitioning in the Latrobe Valley. The project established a number of methods of data gathering to inform this report’s findings and recommendations. These included a business...


10 Jul 2012

The Victorian Government recognises the importance of the Latrobe Valley to the State’s economy and the enormous contribution the region’s businesses and communities make to Victoria’s prosperity. This is why we are actively responding to mitigate against the effects of the national carbon tax, and...


17 May 2010

Victoria's high-polluting Hazelwood power station can be replaced as soon as the end of 2012 while maintaining energy security, cutting Victoria's greenhouse emissions by 12 percent and creating more jobs, according to this report.

The analysis finds that Victoria is in a fortunate position...


On 13 October 2016, the Senate referred the following matter to the Environment and Communications References Committee for inquiry and interim report by 28 November 2016 and final report by 1 February 2017:

(a) the experience of closures of electricity generators and other large...



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