Regional policy

Research report

7 Dec 2017

This report argues that consistent face-to-face access to service delivery professionals is an important part of improving outcomes in small towns and in improving longer-term economic and social prospects in some of Australia’s most disadvantaged places.


29 Nov 2017

The stories of Australia’s regional and remote communities are integral to the fabric of a culturally ambitious nation, and the artistic excellence among regional artists is critical to a vibrant arts sector that reflects Australia’s depth and diversity.


15 Oct 2017

The Regional Universities Network (RUN) is of the view that regional development and decentralisation policy and programs could be improved by better harnessing the expertise and resources of regional universities.


31 Aug 2017

Differences between metropolitan and regional universities are attributable to structural, financial, geographical (e.g. time and cost of distance travel) and employment-related factors that inhibit participation by regional students and which contribute to attrition and delays in apparent completion rates.


29 Aug 2017

Education should be seen as a major lever to drive economic development in regional Australia. Issues, policy and funding around school education and transition to work or further education should not be seen in isolation from other issues around regional economic development.


31 Jul 2017

Regional adaptation and development could be improved by better harnessing regional universities through the formal recognition of the institutions in regional development policy, including in place-based policy and programs, such as in the UK’s City Deals or European Smart Specialisations.


The operation, effectiveness, and consequences of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability (Location of Corporate Commonwealth Entities) Order 2016
20 May 2017

The Regional Universities Network submission argues that when Government regional development investment is focused in an area with a regional university, the prospect for long term benefit is magnified.


8 Apr 2016

Since 1922, Coalition governments have recognised that regional Australia is fundamentally important to the Nation’s economic growth, social progress, and national identity. A group of MPs and Senators from the regions formed the Country Party and worked in Coalition ever since.

We continue to...

19 Oct 2010

How have the regions weathered the GFC? Robert Tanton looks at the data

THE INCREASING FOCUS on remote and regional Australia since the federal election raises a series of interesting questions. How have these areas fared over the past few years? How much...



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