Research commercialisation


15 Jul 2015

The National Survey of Research Commercialisation (NSRC) is a national survey on the research engagement and commercialisation activities of publicly funded research organisations in Australia. It is the primary source of information on the publicly funded research sector’s efforts to collaborate with industry to transfer...

Discussion paper

1 Dec 2014

A review of the NSRC (the Review) is currently being undertaken to ensure future collections are relevant, align with current and emerging priorities for research commercialisation in Australia, are targeted to sector priorities and comparable with international data sources. Consideration of new metrics including options...


28 Nov 2014

The Australasian Council of Deans of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (DASSH) note the four ambitions of the Competitiveness Agenda (p. 2). In addition, we also acknowledge the four elements used to illustrate the claim that Australia has a poor knowledge transfer base (p. 4)....

Working paper

15 Aug 2014

OECD data shows that Australian researchers are less engaged in collaboration with industry than their counterparts in other countries. This is of particular concern for Australia given the large proportion of our researchers in the public sector. Calls to address this problem have increasingly been...

Discussion paper

15 May 2005

Executive summary

This report describes the commercial activities and examines the impediments and incentives facing humanities, arts and social sciences (HASS) researchers and educators at the tertiary level in Australia. It is a snapshot of who is commercialising research and how they approach...


15 Apr 2005

After examining current practice in Australia and overseas, and analysing 22 submissions from organisations, the WG has concluded that current metrics for commercialisation of publicly funded research need to be extended to reflect a broader understanding of the commercial and economic benefits of research commercialisation....



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