Teenage youth


7 Dec 2017

Now in its 16th year, the results from this survey build on knowledge gained from past reports, while also providing a snapshot of how young people feel currently about their own lives and broader national issues.

Research report

12 Oct 2016

This report breaks down the Islamic State’s media activities through a two-fold approach. First, it examines a small number of declassified documents captured from the group’s predecessors to provide a baseline understanding its present-day media structure and operations. Second, through an examination of over 9,000...

Research report

6 Aug 2015

Summary of Findings

This report explores the new contours of friendship in the digital age. It covers the results of a national survey of teens ages 13 to 17; throughout the report, the word “teens” refers to those in that age bracket, unless...

Research report

12 Feb 2008

The question of whether giving birth as a teenager has negative economic consequences for the mother remains controversial despite substantial research. In this paper, the authors build upon existing literature, especially the literature that uses the experience of teenagers who had a miscarriage as the...

Research report

1 Oct 2003

This report presents findings from interviews with young job seekers, Centrelink officers and youth workers, and from the examination of Preparing for Work Agreements. Highlighting communication problems and the limited range of activities included in agreements, it recommends improvements in the administrative processes which are...

Research report

19 Jun 2001

The teenage youth labour market contrasts strongly with the labour market for persons aged 20 and over. Unemployment rates have traditionally been much higher for youth than for the general population. A high proportion of teenage youth are also involved in full-time education which can...