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15 Oct 2017

Journalists say freedom of the press in Fiji is at an all-time low, with repercussions for those who upset the government.

First-hand accounts and leaked documents reveal the extent of the Fijian government’s control over the media and public service.

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8 Oct 2017

In an unprecedented move, in August 2017 Chinese officials chartered a plane to Fiji and deported seventy-seven of their own citizens who had been living on the Pacific island

But as Hagar Cohen reports China's official explanation for this unusual extradition is being questioned...


5 Oct 2017

When news broke two months ago that seventy-seven Chinese nationals had been deported from Fiji on a China Southern aircraft, the pictures seemed to tell the whole story. The criminals, said to be involved in a massive telecommunications fraud targeting people all over China, were...


30 Jun 2017

This report is the third in a series of papers on the role of Sovereign Funds (SFs) in the Pacific Islands.

Our first report set the context of Pacific Island SF and their roles and responsibilities (Drew, 2016). Key findings included that many Pacific...


30 Jun 2017

One of the key projects for the NZIPR is examining the roles of Sovereign Funds (SFs) in the Pacific Islands. This reflects the fact that SFs are often the largest single asset owner and investor in the Pacific Islands, and the income stream from these...


11 Jun 2017

Vanilla was first introduced to French Polynesia in 1848 and from 1899-1966 was a major export for French Polynesia who then produced an average of 158 tonnes of cured Vanilla tahitensis beans annually. In 1967, vanilla production declined rapidly to a low of 0.6 tonnes...


9 Nov 2016

One of the five key first-year projects for the NZIPR is examining the roles of Sovereign Funds (SFs) in the Pacific Islands. This reflects the fact that SFs are often the largest single asset owner and investor in the Pacific Islands, and the income stream...

Research report

27 Sep 2016


As part of a broader study of urbanisation by the State, Society and Governance in Melanesia (SSGM) program at the Australian National University, this paper outlines some of the tensions and innovations that have occurred in Suva with respect to urban development...

Research report

22 Jul 2016

In this Lowy Institute Analysis, Anna Powles and Jose Sousa-Santos argue that Russia’s sale of arms to Fiji underlines how the security orthodoxy in the Pacific Islands region is changing. Unless Australia and New Zealand adapt to these changing strategic circumstances they will lose influence...

Research report

8 Jun 2016

In 2013, New Zealand and the European Union co-hosted the Pacific Energy Summit to fast-track sustainable energy development in the Pacific. It resulted in funding commitments of more than $635 million for a range of innovative renewable energy projects, and showed that donors and the...


7 Jun 2016

Over the last 25 years, the world has seen a rise in the frequency of natural disasters in rich and poor countries alike. Today, there are more people at risk from natural hazards than ever before, with those in developing countries particularly at risk....


6 Jun 2016

Indigenous Fijians were singularly fortunate in having a colonial administration that halted the alienation of communally owned land to foreign settlers and that, almost for a century, administered their affairs in their own language and through culturally congenial authority structures and institutions. From the outset,...

Research report

3 Apr 2016

This project conducted a strategic assessment of the illicit small arms in the Western Pacific island region with a focus on Fiji, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea (excluding Bougainville).

Executive summary

With the exception of Papua New Guinea, the number of...


1 Jan 2016

Introduction: The importance of health research in addressing equity, health outcomes and development is recognised by world leaders and yet there is a lack of research outputs from low to middle income countries, such as those in the Pacific Islands, where the burden of disease...


15 Oct 2015

The term “development journalism” has been used for four decades in Asia, but in the Pacific and even more so in Western countries such as New Zealand and Australia, the term is met with scepticism, particularly from working journalists. There is extensive debate in the...

Research report

24 Sep 2015

Not much is known about the ways in which assessment data have actually been used in education policy to date. Understanding the role of assessments in informing system-level decision-making is a first step towards helping stakeholders improve the design and usefulness of assessments. Moreover, this...

Discussion paper

22 Jun 2015

Abstract: This paper provides an account of the rise and fall of chiefly leadership and the apparent ebbing of a longstanding ideology of traditionalism among indigenous Fijians in the context of national politics and of the claims made in the name of indigenous nationalism....


1 Jun 2015

The goal of the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre (FWCC) is to eliminate violence against women in Fiji and throughout the Pacific region. To achieve this goal, FWCC provides crisis counselling, advocacy, training and community education in Fiji, through its Suva-based headquarters and four Branches around...

Research report

1 Feb 2015

This paper presents empirical findings on one aspect of the work of a transnational feminist research project, based in Canberra, Australia, whose goal was to produce a better standard or metric for measuring poverty across the world.


This paper presents empirical...


1 Jan 2015

Pacific islands artifacts and imageries have had a strong appeal to the popular imagination of the West over the years. However, in recent years the question of ownership of intellectual property rights has emerged as many indigenous groups around the world call for the repatriation...