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Discussion paper
16 March 2017

This issues paper has been released to assist participants in preparing a submission to the public inquiry into National Water Reform. It outlines a range of issues about which the Commission is...

24 February 2017

The Deputy Chair of the Productivity Commission presented this speech on copyright and the concept of fairness to the Australian Digital Alliance Forum.

Discussion paper
22 February 2017

This issues paper has been released to assist participants in preparing a submission to the study into National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) costs, outlining a range of issues about which...

3 February 2017

This guide has been developed to assist with navigating the Report on Government Services web pages published by the Productivity Commission.

20 December 2016

In undertaking this inquiry, the Productivity Commission was asked to consider whether current arrangements provide an appropriate balance between access to ideas and products, and encouraging...

8 December 2016

This draft report examines the effectiveness of the multiple-regulator model in supporting a single national consumer policy framework, and invites feedback from the public.

6 December 2016

This draft report explores the future direction of a universal service obligation in an evolving telecommunications market, and invites feedback from the public.

6 December 2016

In her speech to the CSIRO-Monash Superannuation Research Cluster Conference 2016 in Melbourne, the Productivity Commission's deputy chair says evidence-based policy research is a critically...

5 December 2016

The Australian Government asked the Commission to investigate whether the efficiency and effectiveness of human services could be improved by introducing greater competition, contestability and...

25 November 2016

This report establishes the assessment framework for a review of the Australian superannuation system's competitiveness and efficiency.

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31 August 2016

The Centre for International Finance and Regulation (CIFR) welcomes the opportunity to provide further input to the Productivity Commission (PC) during Stage 1 of its investigation into the...

Journal article
8 December 2008

In this 'Colin Clark Memorial Lecture' at the University of Queensland in August 2008, Gary Banks, Chairman of the Productivity Commission challenges the Australian Government to consider the...

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