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Universities Australia was established on 22 May 2007 as the peak body representing the university sector. Australian universities in the public interest, both nationally and internationally.

Link to organisation: https://www.universitiesaustralia.edu.au

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Audio lecture/presentation
3 March 2017

Speaking at the 2017 Higher Education Conference, Dutch economist and author, Antoine van Agtmael, describes the process of transitioning a nation’s economy from uncompetitive 'rust belt'...

17 January 2017

This submission argues that government investment in first class research infrastructure is vital to the long-term sustainability of Australia’s research program, driving innovation, economic...

7 October 2015

Australia is at an economic and productivity crossroads. In an era of sweeping change, other nations are seizing the future with investments in higher education, research, innovation and skills....

11 March 2015

This National WIL Strategy is designed to increase opportunities to participate in WIL, recognising the benefits to students, employers, universities and the economy.

Discussion paper
1 December 2014

In view of accelerating investment in research and innovation by our Asian neighbours and traditional competitors, Australia could be close to the proverbial ‘tipping point’, whereby we are not...

4 June 2014

This paper presents modelling of what impact the Higher Education Loan Program changes in the 2014-15 Budget may have on engineering and nursing university graduates.

27 February 2013

In 2013 all Australians who are capable of undertaking further study at university have the opportunity to do so. Each year, university campuses around the country welcome thousands more...

26 February 2013

This report finds that universities are well regarded by the Australian public and business community.

During 2012 Universities Australia reached out to the public and stakeholders to...

20 January 2012

This report highlights Australian students' growing lack of appreciation of the relevance and role of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines in their lives and...

7 September 2011

Universities Australia has released a report which demonstrates that Australian universities can play a lead role in future productivity growth.