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A local/global view of academic libraries in South Africa
15 Jan 2018

This article examines the movement toward sophisticated library services, which requires amending the current practice of subject librarian specialization, which has for decades been the mainstay of academic librarianship in South Africa and many other countries in both the global south and north.

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23 Apr 2017

How should Australia plan for safe and productive post-mining landscapes?

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27 May 2016

Supervision is generally recognised as playing a crucial role in the quality of a research student’s doctoral experience and their academic outcomes and, in common with most areas of higher education, there is an oft-stated desire to pursue excellence in this important area. Excellence in...



11 Apr 2016

A TAX on sugary drinks should be on the table as part of a comprehensive strategy to tackle Australia’s rising obesity rates, say leading public health experts.

The call comes after the federal government ruled out following the UK’s lead in applying a levy...


11 Nov 2015

This innovative interdisciplinary study focuses on the history, science, and policy of tree planting and water conservation in South Africa. South Africa’s forestry sector has sat—often controversially—at the crossroads of policy and scientific debates regarding water conservation, economic development, and biodiversity protection. Bennett and Kruger...


29 Sep 2015

This book is about 24 developing countries that have embarked on the journey towards universal health coverage (UHC) following a bottom-up approach, with a special focus on the poor and vulnerable, through a systematic data collection that provides practical insights to policymakers and practitioners....

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26 Aug 2015

INTRODUCTION: This paper is on Indigenous peoples’ right to self-determination and its exercise through democratic participation. First, I will expound on why the right to self-determination—as configured in international law, translated by many states and adopted by Indigenous communities—enhances liberal democratic governance. Then I will...


17 Jun 2015

Australian cities are not alone in playing uneasy host to people sleeping rough or experiencing other kinds of homelessness. Indeed, it would be rare to find a city where there are not people sleeping out without a permanent home, somewhere.

Which is...

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31 Jan 2015

The proposed reforms to financial regulation in South Africa, as embodied in the Financial Sector Regulation Bill, (second draft, 10 December, 2014) (‘FSR Bill’), represent the most important reforms to South Africa’s financial regulatory architecture since the 1987 de Kock Commission. The degree to which...

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1 Dec 2013

In South Africa, access to information remains unequal and often hampered by language barriers, poor infrastructure and endemic poverty, particularly among members of rural and peri-urban communities. The government recognises the potential of media and information and communication technology (ICT) to promote socio-economic development and...

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18 Nov 2013

About the CCPI

The Climate Change Performance Index is an instrument designed to enhance transparency in international climate politics. Its aim is to put political and social pressure on those countries which have, up until now, failed to take ambitious action on climate...

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17 Jul 2013

Is what was dubbed “the miracle” of the South African transition from apartheid censorship to democracy and freedom of expression coming undone? Does the country now have the diverse and vibrant media culture essential to any functioning democracy? How, if at all, have U.S. and...

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18 Jun 2013

Grade R formal provision began after 1994 in South Africa. The significant role of Grade R in improving learners' experience of success in their schooling influences the policy reforms and urgency for Grade R provision. Regretfully, the skewing of the resources to the White population...

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4 Jun 2013

It is now widely accepted that the transmission of disciplinary knowledge is insufficient to prepare students leaving higher education for the workplace. Authentic learning has been suggested as a way to bring the necessary complexity into learning to deal with challenges in professional practice after...

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31 Mar 2013

According to the National Education Policy Act (No. 27 of 1996) and the South African Schools Act (No. 84 of 1996), the underlying principle of current Language-in-Education Policy (LiEP) is 'to maintain home language(s) while providing access to and the effective acquisition of additional language(s)'....

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19 Feb 2013

South Africa’s involvement in international affairs has increased greatly since the end of the apartheid era. While its policies tend to prioritise development within the African continent, it maintains a degree of involvement in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). Through varying degrees of multilateral interaction,...

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3 Dec 2012

Our world is characterized by fast moving geopolitical and natural changes and the scenarios drawn by climate change specialists are alarming: If we want to avoid dangerous climate change, and its ample consequences for creatures all over the world, it is necessary to take action...

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6 Dec 2011

Key findings

This year's Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) shows some interesting and worrying results.

As in the years before, we still cannot reward any country with the rankings 1-3, as no country is doing enough to prevent dangerous climate change....

Research report

6 Dec 2010

Post Copenhagen - where do we stand?

Last year’s climate negotiations in Copenhagen failed to produce an international binding agreement to lower global CO2 emissions. It is unclear what the two summits in Mexico (Cancún) and South Africa will deliver. Generally, the index...

Briefing paper

15 Nov 2009

This briefing paper provides background on the the social challenges experienced in Queensland resource communities. It provides a compendium of strategies and working examples, drawn from case studies that aim to avoid and mitigate adverse impacts and enhance the positive social impacts of resource developments....



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