Western Australia--Perth

Draft report

6 Nov 2017

A new planning framework has been developed for an extended Subiaco Redevelopment Area, including the Princess Margaret Hospital site, Subiaco Oval, Kitchener Park and surrounding land.

Draft Scheme 2 will transfer planning authority from Western Australian Planning Commission and City of Subiaco to MRA...


19 Oct 2017

This is the first edited book in Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre’s rich collection of publications, targeted at informing issues of economic and social policy importance within Western Australia. This book brings together a wealth of data, analysis and commentary on the state of Perth’s infill...

Research report

31 Aug 2017

This research study reports on a campaign to house rough sleepers shows how long term homelessness is associated with high levels of health problems, trauma and disability. The '50 Lives 50 Homes' is a project aimed at rapidly housing and supporting Perth’s most vulnerable rough...

Research report

31 Aug 2017

Since the term Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) was first coined in Australia over twenty years ago, it has been promoted through the National Water Initiative and policy initiatives at the State level. Despite substantial work towards policy outcomes, Australia still lacks a suite of...


3 Aug 2017

This document provides practical guidance for built environment professionals and regulatory agencies seeking to optimise development projects to moderate urban microclimates and mitigate urban heat island effects in major urban centres across a range of climates in Australia .

The emphasis is on the...


5 Jul 2017

Population growth has profound impacts on Australian life, and sorting myths from facts can be difficult. This is the third article in The Conversation's series, Is Australia Full?, which aims to help inform a wide-ranging and often emotive debate.

Australia has the highest...


16 Jun 2017

Central and inner city Perth continues to benefit from a long pipeline of public and private infrastructure investment. Now is the time for a new strategy, with a unified vision, to take advantage of these investments and create a world-class capital city to drive jobs...

Journal article

31 Mar 2017

The primary objective of this study was to ascertain, through analysis of accessibility and development potential, which activity centres should be prioritised to support decentralisation of jobs, encourage better integration of transport and land use and ultimately aid the evaluation of a more compact, consolidation...

Journal article

16 Feb 2017

While Perth’s climate has been getting drier for at least four decades, its citizens maintain an ongoing commitment to year-round green lawns and gardens (or “lawnscapes”), and a resistance to water restrictions that is more pronounced than in other Australian state capital cities. This article...

Research report

15 Dec 2016

The past decade has been one of the most dramatic in Perth's history. Against the background of a dynamic global economy and expansion of the State's minerals and energy sectors, the city has experienced an economic, social and cultural transformation. This transformation has posed numerous...

Conference paper

22 Nov 2016

The share of prefabricated modular residential buildings in the Australian construction market is growing mainly because they are quicker to erect on-site than traditional construction, and often cheaper; but how about their carbon footprint and more particularly their thermal performance? To bring some light on...



16 Sep 2016

Infrastructure in our cities – let’s call it the hardware – remains much the same as ever, but the software – the way we use it – is transforming rapidly. One piece of that software, Airbnb, is dramatically reshaping the world’s cities. The digital platform...

Audio program

15 Sep 2016

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has announced it will not stand in the way of Kerry Stokes' Seven West Media buying The Sunday Times and its website, Perthnow. The decision means that Perth is set to become the nation's next capital city with just...

Briefing paper

31 Aug 2016

The relationship between transport, economic and spatial development is known to occur in two main directions. Firstly, existing land use and economic developments drive demand for transport in terms of quantity, type, location and mode. Secondly, transport investments and other initiatives guide patterns and locations...

Briefing paper

9 Jun 2016

The study examines whether the diminishing supply of affordable housing options for lower income central city workers is having an impact on central city businesses and on the overall productivity of those economies.

Research report

21 Dec 2015

Methamphetamine is of national concern, but what does this statement mean to frontline police officers?

Summary Methamphetamine is of national concern (ACC 2014), but what does this statement mean to frontline police officers? In real terms it means that frontline police are required,...

Conference paper

11 Dec 2015

There is a growing imperative for infrastructure decisions in Australia to be based on evidenced based approaches which are data driven. Urban growth modelling is increasingly being used in strategic infrastructure planning practice. However, current models tend to be "once-off" applications based on static equilibrium...

Conference paper

11 Dec 2015

The papers presented at the 2015 State of Australian Cities National Conference (SOAC 7) were organised into seven broad themes but all shared, to varying degrees, a common focus on the ways in which high quality academic research can be used in the development and...


4 Dec 2015

In 1998, the Western Australian Government introduced the Liveable Neighbourhoods Design Code; a policy aimed at using design principles to increase the walking, cycling, public transport use and sense of community of residents of new housing developments.

The RESIDential Environments Project (known as RESIDE)...

Journal article

28 Sep 2015

This exploratory study investigated how staff at four private boys’ boarding schools in Perth, Western Australia, constructed meaning and understanding around the experience of studying away from home and family for Aboriginal students from regional and remote communities. Interviews were conducted with 16 participants recruited...