Literature review

28 Feb 2016

This Evidence Check review examined organisations that have a key role in healthcare performance measurement and reporting across developed economies. A total of 34 organisations from 12 countries were included in the analysis, with the aim of identifying trends in terms of mandates, functions, structure...

Research report

4 Jan 2016

This small-scale study, undertaken by NFER and NESTA, revealed both benefits and challenges of implementing a flipped learning approach to mathematics teaching. Flipped learning involves the use of digital technology, such as video, to provide direct instruction on new concepts outside of the classroom. Students...

Journal article

30 Sep 2015

This issue of Public Health Research & Practice delves into the world of ‘big data’, with a broad look at the burgeoning availability and analysis of routinely collected data, and how best to use it to inform and improve public health policy and practice, and...

Journal article

30 Sep 2015


Data and information generated through the provision and administration of health and social care provide potentially valuable untapped resources that can contribute to the development of effective and efficient services. We describe the Scottish system, which seeks to unleash, at scale, the...


9 Apr 2015

Early investment in vulnerable families, both in terms of the timing of early support or at the onset of issues, is more effective and cheaper than specialist support which is offered only once problems become complex. One of the best ways to keep children safe...



14 Sep 2014

In the next week there will be a referendum in Scotland to decide whether Scotland should become an independent country; polls currently show a very close race, with NO to independence slightly ahead. A general election will also be held in New Zealand, where the...

Research report

AHURI Final Report No. 170
15 Jul 2011

This report is concerned with the nature of housing occupancy for households that rent, particularly low-income and vulnerable households.

Research report

28 Mar 2011

The ability of health systems to successfully transform has become a concern for both policy makers and academic researchers over the past five years. This working paper, based on over 50 interviews, observation and extensive document analysis undertaken over a four year period,...

Research report

31 Jul 2009

People who traditionally find it difficult to enjoy and participate in Scotland's cultural and creative life can do so if activities are better planned and co-ordinated at local level.

That's the finding from an evaluation of the Cultural Pathfinder Programme, which supported 13...

Research report

4 Feb 2009

New research released by the Scottish Arts Council has shown, for the first time, the significance of higher education on those attending or taking part in the arts.

Where previously factors such as socio-economic class, postcode or age were considered to have a greater...


25 Jul 2008

The United Kingdom is more than just politics and government. An important part of it is made up of the cultural links between its four nations. It is this relationship that the author of this paper seeks to explore, using the media as a lens...

Journal article

15 Jun 1997

Economic ‘development’ driven by global economic forces produces specific expressions of ‘community’ in places where large new economic projects are to be located. This paper draws on contemporary geopolitical literature to theorise community identity as partly formulated in response to external ‘threats’. A comparative study...

Journal article

This paper uses discourse analysis to explore individuals’ use of two discourses in Scottish rural health community participation. It explores interview texts from a community participation project to design new services. Findings show that some community members employ discourses of rural localness and tradition to...

Journal article

This article explores what happened, over the longer term, after a community participation exercise to design future rural service delivery models, and considers perceptions of why more follow-up actions did or did not happen. The study, which took place in 2014, revisits three Scottish communities...

Research report

This report presents the findings of a 2015 Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship research project. It discusses cross-system collaborative efforts in the US, Scotland and Denmark to keep young people in school and out of the justice system and puts forward 12 recommendations for improvements...



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