Sri Lanka


1 Jul 2018

This report, drawing upon disability-inclusive methodologies of co-creation, development and engagement, maps the lived experiences of women with disabilities living within the war-affected areas of Sri Lanka.

Conference paper

30 Apr 2018

Technology is being extensively used among children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in affluent countries. However, there is a paucity of studies exploring the use of technology for children with ASD in developing countries like Sri Lanka.


10 Oct 2016


This report examines transnational, serious and organised crime in Sri Lanka, its impact on neighbouring states, law enforcement cooperation, and the influence of Sri Lanka’s changing geopolitical and economic orientation on criminal activity.

Geopolitical change was a major influence on the...


18 Jul 2016

To date, relatively little attention has been given to the experience of people seeking asylum being 'warehoused' in our region. While the policies of the country in which they are residing also impact on their experiences, it is clear from researchers, non-government organisations (NGOs) that...

Journal article

31 May 2016

Despite significant investments, community-driven development (CDD) projects have yielded mixed successes in different countries and localities, underscoring the need to improve the project model. Recognising the importance of critical success factors (CSFs) in this exercise from different stakeholders’ perspectives and at a project-level ‘micro’ view,...

Discussion paper

1 Oct 2015

From its inception on 26 January 1950, the Republic of India has possessed the strategic vision of playing a major role in Asian and world affairs. During the Cold War period, it was a leading member of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), but an extremely low...


24 Sep 2015

Not much is known about the ways in which assessment data have actually been used in education policy to date. Understanding the role of assessments in informing system-level decision-making is a first step towards helping stakeholders improve the design and usefulness of assessments. Moreover, this...


12 Mar 2014

This report finds that Australia’s co-operation with Sri Lanka to prevent would-be-refugees from seeking protection is riddled with human rights risks and should be stopped immediately.

Media release

The report, Can’t flee, can’t stay: Australia’s interception and return of Sri Lankan asylum...


12 Jan 2010

In APO's High Court Watch series, Tessa Meyrick looks at the Howard government’s legislative legacy in the context of refugee law.



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