Crop Production

Technical report

15 Nov 2010

In this agricultural note, a simple method to estimate the yield of a range of field crops for use by farmers and agribusiness is outlined.

Technical report

15 Sep 2008

This Agricultural Note provides information on bioethanol, drivers and barriers for production, markets, and research and development in Victoria, Australia.

Technical report

15 Jul 2000

Loss of wheat production due to frost damage is not common in Victoria. However, while the total loss is rarely great, individual growers can suffer heavy losses in some years. The factors exposing crops to loss are discussed along with tips to minimise the potential...

Technical report

15 Apr 1998

Accurate assessment of growth stage is important because the cereal plant's response to herbicide, growth regulator or fertiliser application depends on its stage of development.

Technical report

15 Jul 1996

Wheat is the most important cereal grain in world commerce. The framework for all winter crop production in Victoria, Australia, is based on the principles and practice of successful wheat farming. This Agriculture Note gives an overview of those principles.

Technical report

15 Sep 1994

A brief outline of the key techniques required for the successful production of faba bean relevant to potential new growers is provided. For more detailed advice potential growers should consult local agronomists.



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