Henry Halloran Trust

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Link to organisation: http://sydney.edu.au/halloran/

Owning Institution: University of Sydney

Source Type: Education

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Audio lecture/presentation
30 November 2016

This public lecture held at the University of Sydney discussed the draft Central Sydney Planning Strategy 2012-2036. The event was organised jointly by the Henry Halloran Trust and the City of...

Other video
17 November 2016

Prof. Peter Phibbs compares how the issues of housing affordability in Sydney are dealt with in America's most populous city.

3 November 2016

The NSW Government is using codification to encourage housing supply in Sydney. But what does codification mean for the volume and location of housing in Sydney?

3 April 2016

UrbanLab @Sydney was awarded $30,876 by the Henry Halloran Trust in 2014, with the aim of establishing the beginnings of an open access data system that would enable analysis and visualization of...

10 November 2015

Concerning both the corruption of decision-makers and the lesser charge of 'undue influence',  the central concern of this paper is whether, and if so, how, political donations pose a risk to the...

Video lecture/presentation
9 November 2015

Is the solution to housing affordability in Sydney and other Australian cities more supply?

Video lecture/presentation
1 October 2015

This talk looks at the importance of careful transport planning, using appropriate transport models for predicting future traffic conditions.

30 September 2015

Using screens and data networks for empowerment and connectedness, this project examines ways to design interaction in the urban environment.

Video lecture/presentation
8 December 2014

Professor Stephen Cairns reflects broadly on the principles of the 'open-city' and how these might apply to urban renewal projects. 

Video lecture/presentation
8 December 2014

This presentation advocates cities that are compact, workable and diverse, the holy grail of city planning.