Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute

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Video lecture/presentation
30 March 2017

Video recording of a public seminar themed around the closure of the Hazelwood power station: presented by the Australian-German Climate and Energy College in collaboration with the Melbourne...

16 March 2017

This cost benefit analysis found that it is cheaper to provide last resort housing to homeless people than to leave them 'sleeping rough.'

Discussion paper
2 March 2017

This Issues Paper addresses two primary questions: first, how will outcomes for NDIS participants vary in different urban contexts and domains? And, second, in what ways will the NDIS drive wider...

Discussion paper
17 November 2016

This paper reviews some of the challenges faced by cities and opens a discussion on some solutions that may offer pathways for achieving outcomes that meet environmental, social and economic...

6 October 2015

This briefing paper compares what the Australian government is doing on climate change with the countries most relevant and important to Australia: allies and trading partners.

28 April 2015

This issues paper calls for fundamental change in the way universities go about translating their research into impact, suggests a system-wide solution, and provides a practical guide for...

26 August 2014

This lecture explores China's new model of growth and the way it is affecting the chances of avoiding human-induced climate change.