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6 Dec 2018

This research report was funded by the W.A Mental Health Commission and is one of the most comprehensive FIFO research studies undertaken in Australia. It suggests that the greater mental health risk of FIFO workers stems from their demographic profile, being mostly young-to-middle aged men...


Senate Community Affairs References Committee report
4 Dec 2018

This report makes 18 recommendations to government, including calling for a national rural and remote mental health strategy to address the low rates of access to mental health services and the high rate of suicide in Australia's rural and remote communities.


17 Oct 2018

This framework has been developed by the NSW Mental Health Commission and the NSW Ministry of Health, in collaboration with people with lived experience of a suicide attempt or suicide bereavement, government agencies, mental health organisations and experts in suicide prevention.


12 Oct 2018

Many current suicide prevention interventions focus on raising awareness of suicide or on preventing it only at the point just prior to it occurring. But despite decades of government investment in suicide awareness programs, the rate of deaths by suicide in Australia is the second...


9 Oct 2018

In this opinion piece to mark World Mental Health Day 2018, the authors say "In too many places mental health support services are non-existent and those with treatable conditions are criminalized. Bold action is long overdue".

Audio interview

8 Oct 2018

The federal government has announced the Productivity Commission will review mental health in Australia and advise the best ways to support and improve national mental wellbeing.


4 Oct 2018

This report considers the status of Australia’s core national mental health and suicide prevention reforms, and their impact on the wellbeing of consumers and carers.


1 Sep 2018

This resource is designed to guide the way organisations talk about mental health and suicide prevention, with each other and with the community.


31 Aug 2018

The Northern Territory’s suicide statistics are the highest in the country. The government is working to reduce suicide rates by half over the next ten years.


23 Jul 2018

This position statement challenges Australia’s view of the role of mental illness when it comes to suicide prevention.


23 Apr 2018

This report maps the activity and characteristics of individuals who engage with beyondblue’s Suicidal thoughts and self-harm forum. This work provides an evidence base that can be used to maintain, improve and replicate these services to better reach people vulnerable to serious mental health risks....


8 Jan 2018

This document is the final report of the Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Service Review, and reports on all project deliverables.


11 Dec 2017

This paper has two purposes: to draw attention to the unacceptable rates of rural suicide and to suggest where attention should be focused if people are serious about making a difference.

Journal article

A systematic literature review
30 Nov 2017


Suicide prevention media campaigns are gaining traction as a means of combatting suicide. The current review set out to synthesize information about the effectiveness of these campaigns. We searched four electronic databases for studies that provided evidence on the effectiveness of media...


5 Nov 2017

This chapter shows how and why Australian firearm legislation altered very little for 65 years, but changed dramatically in 12 days. It explains the ‘perfect storm’ of horror, outrage, law and leadership which forced policy reversal, and details the lightning legislative adjustments now held up...


1 Jun 2017

Executive Summary

In 2015, 3,027 Australians died by suicide, representing a steady increase over the preceding decade.1 This upward trajectory has caused considerable community concern, and efforts to identify effective suicide prevention interventions have received increasing attention. A significant proportion of people who...


10 Nov 2016

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Evaluation Project (ATSISPEP) is an important Australian Government response to the above. This report summarises the work of ATSISPEP in expanding the evidence-base for what works in Indigenous community-led suicide prevention.


11 Aug 2016

The Prime Minister held a media conference late this morning where he announced a review into the suicide and self-harm prevention services available to defence personnel, veterans and their families. He promised that one of the sites for a suicide prevention trial will be in...



26 Jul 2016

The Victorian suicide prevention framework is a whole-of-government commitment to reducing suicide and suicidal behaviour, and a coordinated strategy that will help to save lives. It delivers new investment towards the goal of Victoria’s 10-year mental health plan that all Victorians experience their best possible...


A unified approach to mental health and suicide prevention

The Charter

The National Communications Charter (The Charter) is a unified approach to mental health and suicide prevention supports coordinated and consistent messaging around mental health and suicide prevention.

What is The Charter?

The Charter is a document designed to...



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