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20 March 2017

An exchange of land tax for stamp duty might be, at last, under genuine government consideration. Will it lead to more affordable housing?

Blog post
7 March 2017

The recent inclusion of Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) in the draft district pans for metropolitan Sydney marks a turning point in the debates – and hopefully the policies – on the possibility of...

10 February 2017

These maps draw on data from the Riderlog application. They are organised to show cycling activity in Melbourne organised by time, gender, age, duration, purpose and origin.

18 November 2015

This research investigates how to effectively, efficiently and inclusively redevelop older areas of privately owned, multi‐unit strata titled housing, to achieve the higher densities needed to...

30 June 2015

This report presents data from the first stage of a research project called Renewing the Compact City which aims to investigate economically viable and socially sustainable approaches to renewal...

3 March 2015

Drawing on interviews with finance experts and senior policymakers, as well as a review of recent Australian and UK publications, the report details 10 recommendations to government for action to...

Discussion paper
31 July 2014

This paper focuses on carers, that is those who deliver informal (unpaid) care to young people with disability, and particularly those carers who share their home with the person they are caring...

15 December 2012

This paper outlines the broad scope of research that has been done and could be done to better plan to meet the housing needs and wants of the baby boomer cohort.

The study develops a...

26 November 2012

Researched in late 2011, this recently released report investigates post-GFC developments in the development, funding and regulation of social and affordable housing in a nine advanced economies...

9 August 2012

The results summarised in this report provide an overview of airports in the context of their interdependence with urban planning systems.

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Conference paper
15 July 2016

Understanding the flows of people moving through the built environment is a vital source of information for the planners and policy makers who shape our cities. Smart phone applications enable...

1 June 2012

This paper aims to identify knowledge and policy gaps for climate-adaptable buildings in the area of assessment of buildings in particular measuring their vulnerability and aiding in creating...

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